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As we are persistently reminded from all sides, we are now a multiracial society, and it is very likely that a great many of them chose to leave the EU, along with the ageing number who are blamed, wrongly, for the leave outcome, and the youngsters who are either too young to vote or just couldn't be bothered, considering the importance of the outcome.
A MAN wanted over a missing girl lied about his whereabouts to police - because he couldn't be bothered to let them in.
Apart from assorted bottles and cans, I am disgusted to say that about 70% of what we collected consisted of discarded bags full of dog mess plus a number of empty bags that had been dropped and the owners couldn't be bothered to pick them up.
HARRY REDKNAPP claims that when he was Spurs boss, two or three of his squad couldn't be bothered playing for England - six or seven more couldn't be bothered playing for Spurs.
Yes, it isn't pleasant but neither is trying to clean school shoes because a bone idol person couldn't be bothered picking it up.
@justinbieber On the city council @brumboi27: @BhamCityCouncil The person on the phone was very rude and clearly couldn't be bothered to be at work today judging by his attitude.
Our green bin was next to the blue bin but they couldn't be bothered to move it to empty our blue bin and, also, I am fed up of the green bins being put on our drive every Friday.
Until now, I couldn't be bothered thinking about the referendum.
Either the lads couldn't be bothered to do this or they lack a basic memory.
It is the feeling of "I couldn't be bothered or I am not interested", or it is the feeling of apathy but taken to its extreme.
B) Lazy--it looks like you couldn't be bothered to come up with innovative images and therefore decided to just write the institution title down.
The 64-year-old frontman said: "I think we were offered it and we said we couldn't be bothered or we were in Hawaii or somewhere while it was on.
weapons inspectors themselves said they could find no weapons of mass destruction and begged for more time to look, Bush couldn't be bothered. He was in haste for war, and he was mindless of the costs.
Guitarist Bob Hardy admitted he couldn't be bothered with all the administration And lead singer Alex Kapranos claimed that he wouldn't be a good enough businessman.
But that trash, the unserviceables, were a key to supply, Depots could fix, and to requisitions reply; But Hoarder couldn't be bothered with mere readiness, Of hoarding and trash piles he couldn't care less.
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