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Oh, I was tired of them all and simply couldn't be bothered with any of them today.
Until now, I couldn't be bothered thinking about the referendum.
It is the feeling of "I couldn't be bothered or I am not interested", or it is the feeling of apathy but taken to its extreme.
The 64-year-old frontman said: "I think we were offered it and we said we couldn't be bothered or we were in Hawaii or somewhere while it was on.
weapons inspectors themselves said they could find no weapons of mass destruction and begged for more time to look, Bush couldn't be bothered.
Maybe you could use some of them to staff sorting offices beyond midday so we actually have a fighting chance of getting our hands on the the post you couldn't be bothered to deliver.
It was as if the two-time defending City Section champions couldn't be bothered with Venice on Tuesday.
But that trash, the unserviceables, were a key to supply, Depots could fix, and to requisitions reply; But Hoarder couldn't be bothered with mere readiness, Of hoarding and trash piles he couldn't care less.
Alternatively, we were excellent in the first half and couldn't be bothered after that.
He was stabbed in the face six times by two muggers who couldn't be bothered to earn the money to buy their own car and so decided to take someone else's.
is the just-published Grove Book of Art Writing, which is nothing but an "American" edition of the Penguin Book of Art Writing(London, 1998), though Grove couldn't be bothered to Americanize the spellings.
The Tories and Lib Dems in Wales predictably voted for the increase but, for all their bluster, the Labour MPs couldn't be bothered one way or another.
But Taylor was adamant that even if he does decide to come out of retirement he couldn't be bothered to face the Dutchman.
If you asked them to put their hands up, they probably couldn't be bothered.