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People told us it couldn t happen, it couldn t be done but we did it.
This reflection couldn t cover the US innumerable crimes all over the world, particularly in the Middle East," Vahidi added.
You couldn t even recognise the front of the train," Ian Atkinson, who rushed to the scene from his workplace, told the ABC.
YOU SAY CFir wpwprprmlolohw I couldn't I coco luldn't I ld 't it couldn quite beli thltt t quitequiteq e believe the letter fr h nwhowas g r boyfriend from the woman moaning that her Elvis bl l ?
But organisers Icon Media said they couldn not guarantee tickets would be delivered safely in time for the event because of the strike.
That effort carried over to Monday and the Rockies, who couldn 3/8t have been happy to see Penny.
The opportunity to provide our customers with a world-class, service-rich network is here today we couldn t afford to wait.
We couldn t be happier that Rich Pirrotta has joined Logicalis, says Logicalis US CEO, Vince DeLuca.
We couldn t ask for a better team to carry the Northern Lights flag in the UK and beyond.
For Michel (Germaneau) we tried but we couldn t find the group that held him, we couldn t propose anything.
On behalf of the A&R team we couldn t be happier to have her join the WARNER/CHAPPELL family and look forward to helping bring her songs to life .
We couldn t be more thrilled to have been selected by such a revered and truly leading operation as Kroon ; having our unique, true 3D games showcased by Kroon Casino is a huge coup for us, said Anthony Locke, BetSoft s head of product development.
Ramirez said: After 33 years in one industry as a top-level executive, I couldn t envision being so excited to switch over and have such a great opportunity at Halifax Health.
I can deal with the pain but once it locked up I couldn t move back or through.
I couldn t put my mind on the match," Zvonareva said.
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