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couch potato

Someone who often engages in sedentary activities, usually understood as frequently watching television. Lisa wants to date a man who loves to travel and explore, not a couch potato who watches television all the time.
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couch (something) in (something)

To convey something very deliberately by saying it in a particular way or with particular wording. That professor always manages to couch her criticism in kind words, so I'm never too upset by her negative feedback.
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the casting couch

A phenomenon in which prospective employees (typically females) are propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for promised employment or career advancement. The practice is most associated with the entertainment industry, and the term refers to the actual piece of furniture in a casting director's office where such encounters may occur. According to many accounts, the casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood.
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on the couch

In receipt of psychoanalysis or emotional or psychological therapy, counseling, or treatment. Often used to describe a psychoanalytic evaluation or study of a particular person or cultural entity. His new book aims to put the American Midwest on the couch, exploring what makes people from that region so distinct in their mannerisms, behaviors, and emotional identities.
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couch potato

a lazy individual, addicted to television-watching. All he ever does is watch TV; he's become a real couch potato. Couch potatoes can tend to become very fat and unhealthy, you know.
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couch something in something

to express something in carefully chosen or deceptive words. He tended to couch his explanations in arcane vocabulary. She couched her words in an overly polite manner.
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a couch potato

COMMON If someone is a couch potato, they are lazy and spend most of their time sitting, watching television. Most evenings they sit, like a pair of couch potatoes in front of television. Most of these people are junk-food eating couch potatoes. Note: This expression is a complicated pun based on the American slang term `boob tube' meaning the TV, and the fact that a potato is a variety of tuber or root vegetable.
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couch potato

someone who watches a lot of television, eats junk food, and takes little or no physical exercise. informal
Couch potato was a humorous American coinage using the image of a person with the physical shape of a potato slouching on a sofa or couch. Originally, the phrase relied on a pun with tuber in the slang term boob tuber , which referred to someone devoted to watching the boob tube or television.
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on the couch

undergoing psychoanalysis or psychiatric treatment.
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the ˈcasting couch

(informal, humorous) used to refer to a situation in which somebody, especially a woman, agrees to have sex with somebody else in order to get work in a film/movie, TV programme, etc: the Hollywood casting couch for starlets
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a ˈcouch poˌtato

(informal, disapproving) a person who spends a lot of time sitting and watching television
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casting couch

n. a legendary couch found in the offices of casting directors for use in seducing young people by offering them roles. They say the director got his job on the casting couch, too.
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couch potato

n. a lazy, do-nothing television watcher. (see also sofa spud.) If there was a prize for the best couch potato, my husband would win it.
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and couch-turkey
n. a psychiatrist; a psychoanalyst. I finally walked out on my couch-doctor. Now I’m getting it all together. I bought three new cars for that couch-turkey! Now I’m paying for his kid’s college!


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