An intensifier used to express one's anger or frustration. Oh, he's just a cotton-picking fool—don't listen to a word he says!
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LONG before universities became "Unis", students came home for Christmas like troubadours in cotton-pickin' jackets and denim caps.
Let's put the past behind us and look at the bigger picture which is, of course, that we all want out of this cotton-pickin' division and he's a player who will wade in with a stack of goals - guaranteed.
We were railroaded into covering those darned cheatin' bondholder gamblers by the Brussels bandits and we handed over our cash like cotton-pickin' chickens.
While many of the essays document life passages, others lighten the collection with wry humor, as in Trudier Harris's rift on the older generation's myriad uses of the phrase "It's better than pickin' cotton" (or its variant, "You ain't never picked no cotton"), which she labels "cotton-pickin' authority:" Sandra Govan, famous in this company for her wicked sense of humor, injects plenty of it into her simultaneously poignant memory of her mischievous childhood, when she joyously entered the world of reading and performing.
So why is their beef and lamb so cotton-pickin' expensive?
Doug Lewis, director of the Election Center, which is also known as the National Association of Election Officials, told The Associated Press that "for 7,800 jurisdictions in this country, it looked like things came out pretty cotton-pickin' well...."
The best preparation to keep the cotton-pickin' silver solder off places where it's unwanted sometimes seems like a waste of time.
The congressmen in turn launched a series of hearings, calling in institute officials to inquire who in the Cotton-pickin' name of Mather cares about the perversions of Native American homosexuals, to which the researchers replied, um, the studies were approved by a panel of scientific experts, and, gee, the Native American community has been underserved and is having a real problem with AIDS these days.
cotton-pickin' minute - you ask darkly - where's the catch?
But wait a cotton-pickin' minute, that's exactly what a TV studio is like.
Dear Celi: When it comes to sex or the decision to refrain, sweet pea, you don't have to do a cotton-pickin' thing you don't want to.
If you vote for me without knowing me, you're outta your cotton-pickin' mind and you're wasting your vote.
Just hang on a cotton-pickin' minute there cowboy, we don't want to offend any potential white knights from across the pond.
He was a Communist by faith, a true Communist, not a powder-puff one, like the thin lecturers and leaflet-writers in cotton-pickin' denim, who stalked the corridors of the colleges, spouting in shrill tones from pale lips.