cotton to

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cotton (on)to (someone or something)

1. To like someone or something; to view someone or something favorably. It takes me a while to cotton to new people—I have to get to know them first. After we explained our plan again, the rest of the group seemed to cotton onto it.
2. To begin to understand something. Thanks for explaining that concept to me—I think I'm cottoning onto it now.
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cotton (on)to someone or something

Rur. to begin to like or agree to someone or something quickly. She began to cotton to Fred, despite his country ways. She cottoned onto Jane's way of thinking.
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cotton to

1. Take a liking to, get along with, as in This dog doesn't cotton to strangers. Although this verbal phrase comes from the noun for the fabric, the semantic connection between these parts of speech is unclear. [Early 1800s]
2. Also, cotton on to. Come to understand, grasp, as in She didn't really cotton on to what I was saying. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
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cotton to

1. To take a liking to someone or something: That dog doesn't cotton to strangers.
2. To come to understand something: I finally cottoned to the new computer system.
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To spread awareness of this problem, C&A is now publishing the informational brochure "Let's take Bio Cotton to everyone every day.
This allows the model to make ginning decisions that will result in the best possible blend in each bale of ginned cotton to help improve grade and farmer profit.
Byline: You'll cotton to savings at Santa Barbara shop
But ARS scientists are studying ways to make products with 100 percent cotton to improve on cotton's 4 percent share of the nonwoven market.
Industry veteran Mary Palermo Cotton to lead growing company
cotton growers continue to embrace efficiencies that reduce applications of chemical inputs and irrigated water for their crops; advanced textile technologies have made cotton a player in the athletic apparel category, merging cotton comfort with performance expectations; and scientific advances are helping to expand the use of cotton to other areas, such as livestock feed and a food source for a growing human population.
But as agriculture becomes more consolidated, online trading offers a producer the opportunity to sell cotton to a buyer halfway across the country or the globe.
Since then, however, the price of cotton per pound has declined annually to new and improved levels and things are looking up for suppliers of cotton to the nonwovens industry.
Now, with DDB, we feel that we can effectively develop a coordinated strategy of communicating the benefits of cotton to consumers in a multi-media format.
What does all of this mean for suppliers of bleached cotton to nonwovens?
With the launch of the 'Sustainable Edition,' and commitment to convert 80% of all cotton to organic or similar sources over 4 years, American Apparel is becoming one of the most environmentally responsible businesses in the industry," said Chris Treter, coordinator for Organic Consumers Association, Clothes For A Change.
The case for providing more developing countries the option of sharing in the substantial environmental, economic and social benefits delivered by Bt cotton to millions of resource-poor cotton farmers in developing countries on millions of hectares over the last six years, represents a challenge for both the donor community and the developing countries which are the potential beneficiaries.
Companies must use at least 60% cotton to fulfill Cotton Seal use requirements.
Meanwhile, the government refused to allow the investors to sell their cotton to overseas buyers.
The 125 year old publication credits Hahn's innovative marketing strategies as instrumental "in returning cotton to dominance in the textile market -- from 34 to 56 percent market share.