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cottage industry

1. A small-scale industry carried out by people in their own homes. When my grandmother was a girl, she was part of a cottage industry that made textiles, along with the rest of her family.
2. A small (and often loosely organized) network or business. It looks like you guys have a nice little cottage industry raking leaves.
3. An area of study pursued by a few passionate people. I understand that not everyone is interested in tracing minute details in modernist texts, but it's a cottage industry for a few people in the Master's program, like myself!
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shotgun cottage

slang A one-story house in which each room is in a straight alignment with the others, connected by a continuous hallway running from the front to the back of the residence. Chiefly used in the Southern United States. When our whole family goes to stay in my grandmother's shotgun cottage in New Orleans, it always feels like we're all right on top of one another.
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The young woman was again occupied in arranging the cottage, the old man walked before the cottage in the sun for a few minutes, leaning on the arm of the youth.
The huts, the neater cottages, and stately houses engaged my admiration by turns.
Who in this humble out-of-the-way cottage could afford to wear that exquisite cambric petticoat edged with a fine and very expensive lace?
At all events, it was fairly obvious that, for one reason or another, the wearer of the petticoat and stockings which have now occupied us for perhaps a sufficient number of pages, was a visitor at the cottage.
The Foot-Race once over, Perry's business at the cottage was at an end.
Such was the position of the tenant, and such were the arrangements of the interior of the cottage, on the memorable evening when Anne Silvester entered it as Geoffrey's wife.
I remarked to her, however, before I fell asleep, that the cottage was now occupied, to which she returned no reply.
"Robin is there in my cottage now, but you'll never take him alive."
At the same moment the third shell burst through the roof of the cottage, and exploded in the room, just inside the door.
The victims rushed from their cottage, and sought refuge in what they deemed a safer spot--where, in contemplation of such an emergency, a sort of barrier had been reared.
The victims rushed from their cottage, and sought refuge in what they deemed a safer spot -- where, in contemplation of such an emergency, a sort of barrier had been reared.
"If you really want a cottage in the country," said he, "and the most absolute peace and quiet to be got in this world, I know of the very hing on my land in Lancashire.
Two days before the start of the march Spizo the Spaniard reported to the old man of Torn that he had overheard Father Claude ask Norman of Torn to come with his father to the priest's cottage the morning of the march to meet Simon de Montfort upon an important matter, but what the nature of the thing was the priest did not reveal to the outlaw.
There was the paling behind which we had knelt to watch the snaring of the ducks; there was the hole through which "Trim," the terrier, had shown himself to rouse the stupid curiosity of the water-fowl; there, seen at intervals through the trees, was the winding woodland path along which Mary and I had traced our way to Dermody's cottage on the day when my father's cruel hand had torn us from each other.
Noel Vanstone have been traced across the Solway Firth to Dumfries, and thence to a cottage a few miles from the town, on the banks of the Nith.