cost the earth

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cost the earth

To be exorbitantly expensive. A: "Your new car looks pretty slick!" B: "I should hope so, it cost the earth!" The company is making cutting-edge smartphones that don't cost the earth for consumers.
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cost (or charge or pay) the earth

cost (or charge or pay) a large amount of money. British informal
See also: cost, earth
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cost/pay/charge the ˈearth

(British English, informal) cost/pay/charge a lot of money: It needn’t cost the earth to refurbish your offices.
See also: charge, cost, earth, pay
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THE KEEL ROW Foreman's Row, Seaton Delaval, NE25 0QG Tel: 0191 237 0060 Rating: 13/20 What Eddy said: A family-friendly set-up, pleasant, obliging serving staff and ability to produce a meal that doesn't cost the earth in good time.
Creagh has today criticised the government for rejecting a number of the committee's calls, accusing ministers of "failing to recognise that urgent action must be taken to change the fast fashion business model which produces cheap clothes that cost the earth".
What's the point of telling people to use public transport when trains are overcrowded, skip stations and cost the earth? The start of the new year is often a time to reset the finances and try to take more care of the pennies.
It need not cost the earth, but must be constructed so that two-way traffic can safely cross.
| WE love Soaper Duper for making planet-friendly products that don't cost the earth. As well as being about as recyclable and eco as can be, they also support clean water charities in the Third World.
Now the Bingo these days are full of the craze to Have Planets, ECUBs, etc, for those who don't know Just what they are a rundown I will give they cost The earth, you can play multi, multi books It marks the numbers for you, alerts you when you're Only waiting for one to me this takes all the fun Out of it, the excitement truly gone.
THESE sexy swimsuits are bound to make a splash this summer - and you'll be frilled to hear they won't cost the earth.
IF you're a homeowner who wants to get in on the Airbnb action, but aren't away enough to make it worthwhile, or a freelancer looking for space for meetings or events that doesn't cost the earth, Vrumi could be just what you're after.
JOOLS'S ANNUAL HOOTENANNY BBC2 11.10pm Bars, taxis, restaurants, and babysitters all cost the earth on New Year's Eve.
Style doesn't have to cost the earth. The winner, Michelle Kelly, looked boho chic in a striped short dress which she told me cost just [euro]50 in a Topshop sale.
i'm on a budget, so my main requirements are that it won't cost the earth and will be comfortable to wear on a daily basis.
We felt he was worth a wee shout because he didn't cost the earth but is hopefully one we can turn into a top player."
Looking at the likely impact of aviation on climate change, the free exhibition, sponsored by European aerospace company EADS, is entitled Does Flying Cost the Earth?
Turn On The Style cost 5,000gns as a two-year-old, while the horses he beat last week included Admiralofthefleet, who cost the earth when bought out of Aidan O'Brien's stable for Indian brewing magnate and newest Formula 1 team owner Vijay Mallya; Grantley Adams, a Godolphin public purchase for 105,000gns; and Heart Alone, who must have cost heaven as well as the earth a year ago after his startling but unrepeated Nad Al Sheba success for Brazilian connections.