cost the earth

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cost the earth

To be exorbitant or burdensome in expense. A: "Your new car looks pretty slick!" B: "I should hope so, it cost the earth!" All these new taxes and service charges are going to cost the earth.
See also: cost, earth

cost (or charge or pay) the earth

cost (or charge or pay) a large amount of money. British informal
See also: cost, earth

cost/pay/charge the ˈearth

(British English, informal) cost/pay/charge a lot of money: It needn’t cost the earth to refurbish your offices.
See also: charge, cost, earth, pay
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It would slow up boarding, cost the earth and skyrocket customer disgruntlement.
i'm on a budget, so my main requirements are that it won't cost the earth and will be comfortable to wear on a daily basis.
These technology solutions need not cost the earth either with the most innovative being charged on a "pay as you go" model.
A 10-year mortgage would be so much more attractive - if it didn't cost the earth.
Shop manager Julie Ryan said: "Every year we welcome shoppers keen to find a reasonably-priced party frock to add festive sparkle that doesn't cost the earth.
Income One and Pure Protection prove that simple, quality income protection doesn t have to cost the earth.
Any time between 8am and 6pm is legal, and a simple religious ceremony for a few close family and friends can be arranged fairly cheaply - even a professional buffet need not cost the earth.
FINDING food to eat will become more of a challenge for garden birds as the weather turns colder but you can do your bit to help them and it won't cost the earth.
And to prove some great wines don't need to cost the earth, the competition also heaped praise on Marlborough Chardonnay 2009, from Oyster Bay in New Zealand (widely available around pounds 7), and Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon 2007, from De Bortoli Wines, in Australia (pounds 6.
And looking a million dollars doesn't have to cost the earth, as our fashion experts will explain.
We felt he was worth a wee shout because he didn't cost the earth but is hopefully one we can turn into a top player.
The Halton Council project aimed to show young people that cooking healthy food is good for them and does not have to cost the earth.
0: Why good lives don't have to cost the earth, published today, Saturday 4 July 2009, by nef (the new economics foundation) presents the results of the second global compilation of the Happy Planet Index (HPI).
It must cost the earth to send the paper out, but couldn't the money saved be put in the fund?
Recycling at home need not cost the earth thanks to these handy specialist bins.