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Cost: $1,305 with one credit, $895 noncredit, with housing; $945 with one credit, $535 noncredit, w/out housing.
In order to contain the cost of prescription medications, we have designed a reimbursement program to encourage generic medications when possible and provide a [better] reimbursement for formulary drugs.
"Wire, like equipment costs, energy cost, labor cost is a part of the cost of baling.
Cost segregation studies can be prepared for office buildings, manufacturing plants, multi-family housing, shopping centers, restaurant and retail chains, and a variety of other real estate properties.
Overall cost trend for hemophilia medications rose 25% in 2005, driven in part by an 8% increase in use.
However, it disagrees with their statement that costs "not customarily incurred outside of trusts" are the ones not subject to the floor.
In the initial implementation of these technologies, the ability to maintain a lower cost was probably achieved.
By March 2005, when all costs were presumably accounted for, average total costs of compliance had ballooned to $4.36 million, up 39 percent from the $3.14 million estimate in July 2004.
In order to maintain what revenues they can, the NWCF entities have placed a strong emphasis upon total cost control.
Keywords: poverty measurement, low-income, latent and sequential costs of poverty
This energy-efficient arrangement provides considerably reduced extract volumes, the ability to incinerate all fume sources at a relatively low cost, and high levels of thermal sand recovery.
Cost pressures are only one catalyst that can lead to a mill's decision to change water treatment programs.
* USING COST SEGREGATION, OWNERS CAN RECLASSIFY real property as personal property in order to obtain faster depreciation write-offs.
In this formula: DC = Direct Cost; SC = Salvage Credit; V = Volume of Material to be Demolished and Removed from the Project; COP = Cost of Production.
By contrast, when a business like Wal-Mart computes its costs, it must properly account for the cost of the capital tied up in the business--the land, buildings, and inventories.