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correspond to (something)

To match or correlate to something. Does this character in the book correspond to one in the movie, or did they eliminate him completely?
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correspond with (someone or something)

1. To match or correlate to something. Does this character in the book correspond with one in the movie, or did they eliminate him completely?
2. To communicate with one in a series of messages, typically written ones. When I was a kid, I used to correspond with my sister by writing her letters while she was away at summer camp.
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correspond to something

to match up with something; to harmonize with something. This pin on this part corresponds to the receptacle on the other part it fits into.
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correspond with someone (about someone or something)

 and correspond (with someone) about someone or something
to write letters back and forth with someone about someone or something. I will have to correspond with the manager about that. I corresponded about this with my brother. I corresponded with my brother for over a year. We corresponded about Fred.
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Both Perelson and Kauffman note that this prediction corresponds with the experimentally observed slowdown of affinity improvements in real immune responses.
In 1970, British evolution scientist John Maynard Smith extended the idea of adaptive landscapes to what he called "protein space" -- a multidimensional mathematical construct whose points correspond to each of the protein sequences of designated lengths that can be built using the 20 amino acids that serve as the proteins' molecular building blocks.
The remuneration models shall unify the Group, be simple, long-term and quantifiable, and shall correspond to market rates.
Fixed salary: The fixed salary for Group management officials shall correspond to market rates and shall be based on competence, responsibility and performance.
This corresponds to some real-world measurement situations.
Those elements more than 3 mm away from the weld correspond to the full reflection from the non-welded area.
The exercise price for the options shall correspond to the higher of (a) 110 percent of the average last price paid for the Biotage share during each trading day according to the official price list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange during the five trading days immediately preceding the allotment, and (b) 110 percent of the last price paid on the allotment day.
The function is computed first by solving the equation [empty set] = 0 for y for a given d, then computing the IP terms one at a time and summing; each term has a factor which corresponds to the product of all the sequences of reflection coefficients mapped by a binary number.
Using a bit-test program it is easy to get the count and find all those binary numbers that correspond to all the ray paths with the proper p-wave and s-wave sequences.
The subscription price per share for the warrants shall correspond to 200 % of the average bid price for the company's shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange during the period November 2, 2001 - November 15, 2001.
The dilution effect calculated following full acceptance of the merger offer of the shareholders of Cell Network and full exercise of all options corresponds to approximately 4.
Each such option corresponds to a warrant for a new Skandia share.
The number of customers corresponds to a market share of approximately 11% of the GSM market.
This acquisition corresponds with the Corporation's strategic objectives, namely focusing on value-added quality niche products, and maximizing shareholder value by increasing its integration level through growth in value-added conversion (as explained in note 2 to the attached quarterly financial statements).
91 SEK to 1 USD correspond to an amount lower than SEK 145, the offer will be adjusted as set out below.