correlate with (something)

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correlate with (something)

To agree with or correspond to something. Those results just don't correlate with the data from our previous experiments. Does this chart correlate with the information given in the report?
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correlate something with something

to match or equate something with something else. Can you correlate her comment with what she said yesterday? The scientist could not correlate the new data with his hypothesis.
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correlate with something

to match or equate with something. This does not correlate with your earlier story. What she said yesterday does not correlate with what she is saying today.
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HLA gene distribution correlates with increased susceptibility as well as with increased resistance (4).
Neil Rosenberg, a NIDA-sponsored scientist working at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, wanted to find out which parts of the brain solvents damage and how the damage correlates with loss of mental functioning.
The researchers conclude that disruption of bone mineral composition correlates with the presence of PCBs, DDT residues, and other POPs among polar bears from East Greenland.
Some of the conclusions that we have drawn from these records are 1) varve thickness is most highly correlated with the intensity of the annual flood during the period of streamflow monitoring; 2) varve thickness correlates with inter-annual changes in air temperature prior to the period of rapid glacier recession in the early twentieth century; and 3) temporal patterns of sedimentation are consistent with published records of glacial activity in the Canadian Cordillera and with our moraine chronologies based on tree rings and lichens.
As can be seen, the durometer value for these polyurethanes correlates with the log of the modulus of the specimen.
648) VS Category Correlation Comment Live Births Positive Correlates with mass poisoning Total Deaths Positive Correlates with mass poisoning Infant Deaths Positive Correlates with mass poisoning Neonatal Deaths Positive Correlates with mass poisoning TB Deaths None No correlation, yet, virtually no TB deaths Pneumonia/Flu Positive Correlates with mass poisoning Deaths All Accident Deaths Positive Correlates with mass poisoning Motor Vehicle Deaths Positive Correlates with mass poisoning HIV Deaths Negative Negative correlation
"IT CORRELATES WITH STANDARDS" At this year's NECC, there was far less software buzz about what students could make or do.
Now, the Japanese scientists have measured oxidized lipoprotein in the blood of patients and other volunteers and found that it correlates with the severity of heart disease.
Human beings turn out to be far more complicated than determinists believe, and that explains why the correlates with criminality are so loose and will always be so.
The fact that the New York City effects were seen at lower concentrations is of concern, according to Perera, because several studies have reported that reduction in head circumference at birth or during the first year of life correlates with lower IQ and poorer cognitive functioning and school performance in childhood.
In India, for example, higher socioeconomic status correlates with increases in risk factors for and rates of CVD (5).
Nunn, a biologist at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville who has studied primate swellings, deems the new findings "an exciting result." But he says he remains puzzled that only the length of the swellings correlates with females' reproductive success.
Determining the mixing characteristics in a Brabender laboratory mixer correlates with factory mixing but is difficult to use as a control test in a production plant.