correlate with (something)

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correlate with (something)

To agree with or correspond to something. Those results just don't correlate with the data from our previous experiments. Does this chart correlate with the information given in the report?
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correlate something with something

to match or equate something with something else. Can you correlate her comment with what she said yesterday? The scientist could not correlate the new data with his hypothesis.
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correlate with something

to match or equate with something. This does not correlate with your earlier story. What she said yesterday does not correlate with what she is saying today.
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The review concluded that scores of MCQs correlated with SEQs in most of the studies, which shows that students who perform well in MCQs also perform well in SEQS.
Furthermore, extroversion is more strongly correlated with higher earnings than is conscientiousness, unlike for the men.
Booker, M.D., from Columbia University in New York City, and colleagues examined whether the diagnosis of asthma correlated with the use of uterotonic and antihypertensive medications for women hospitalized for delivery complicated by postpartum hemorrhage or preeclampsia.
Higher IQ is also correlated with higher earnings, by about 5pc or $184,100 for a one standard deviation boost.
In other words, a tuple is correlated with at most z - 1 other tuples; that is, an edge in a graph is correlated with at most z -1 other edges.
We found that when they crawled on a horizontal surface, foot length was positively correlated with pedal wavelength and crawling speed, but was not correlated with wave frequency.
Exploratory correlations of clinical variables revealed that mania severity and suicidality were positively correlated with UE:E EPA ratio, and that several plasma levels and ratios correlated with panic disorder and psychosis.
Sweet taste correlated with glucose, total sugars, oxalic acid, citric acid and the total anthocyanidin count.
Specifically density was negatively correlated with picking up a dropped pen, helping someone with a hurt leg, and making change for a quarter.
Social support perceived by the mother is correlated with the absence of maternal trauma before returning home, and also seems to inhibit from depressive symptoms from the time of the infant's premature birth.
Reed Walker exploit this regulatory variation in TSP levels over time and across counties to examine whether differences in exposure to TSPs at birth are correlated with long-run human capital measures at age 30.
They knew that lower levels of testosterone in men have been correlated with greater paternal involvement, and that higher levels of the hormone predict divorce as well as polygamy.
Homogeneity of hemoglobin and melanin maps was positively correlated with that of unprocessed images (r = 0.92, 0.68; P < .001) and negatively correlated with estimated age (r = -0.32, -0.38; P < .001).
In the long-standing RA disease group, mTSS was significantly correlated with physical functioning measures.
Lipoprotein levels and the amino-terminal fragment of pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) correlated with various psychosocial aspects of psoriasis, Dr.