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correlate with (something)

To agree with or correspond to something. Those results just don't correlate with the data from our previous experiments. Does this chart correlate with the information given in the report?
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correlate something with something

to match or equate something with something else. Can you correlate her comment with what she said yesterday? The scientist could not correlate the new data with his hypothesis.
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correlate with something

to match or equate with something. This does not correlate with your earlier story. What she said yesterday does not correlate with what she is saying today.
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Some coherences between cortical sites were correlated to the sizes of different regions in the corpus callosum.
Technology stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been negatively correlated for the past five years.
An informative example of the variability of correlated responses involves the red and yellow eye pigments (the drosopterins) of D.
Additionally, performance on the PMT has been shown to be significantly correlated with intellectual functioning on the Wechsler scale and PPVT
Uniquely, the collected data is pre-processed on each mesh router using Tropos' patented Correlated Mesh Data Protocol (CMDP[TM]), ensuring minimal airtime usage during transfer over the network.
Then they correlated the physical measurements to a descriptive analysis results of each product.
Once again, the longitudinal analysis showed that persistence to their expected graduation in spring, 2001 correlated with hardiness (Lifton, et al.
However, applicants should explain their rationale for the choice of each putative biomarker, clearly define the aspect of COPD that is hypothesized to be correlated with the biomarker, and justify the selection of the human subjects to be studied in the context of the underlying hypothesis.
This mathematical approach is called correlated percolation.
The part dimensions are correlated to relevant process data recorded by the MACO 8000, and a formula is created that best describes these relations.
Seven types of social goals were identified and correlated with the learning engagement outcomes of peer learning, help-seeking, and effort regulation.
Early post-mortem activity of the calpain system correlated with quality attributes in both pork and beef.
He also correlated the type of daily "visibility" data compiled by airports with every-sixth-day particulate data for Detroit, producing a computed estimate of Detroit's daily particulate levels.
Supports enhanced Uu correlated analysis with import of Agilent's E6474A NITRO drive test data; and
A correlation analysis investigated the relative strength of possible predictors of knowledge gain, and 16 variables correlated significantly (with a p value of less than .