correlate with

correlate with (something)

To agree with or correspond to something. Those results just don't correlate with the data from our previous experiments. Does this chart correlate with the information given in the report?
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correlate something with something

to match or equate something with something else. Can you correlate her comment with what she said yesterday? The scientist could not correlate the new data with his hypothesis.
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correlate with something

to match or equate with something. This does not correlate with your earlier story. What she said yesterday does not correlate with what she is saying today.
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References in classic literature ?
It was a bit of phenomena that he could not correlate with all the rest of the phenomena in the universe.
Researchers hypothesized that plasma concentrations of omega-3 PUFAs would be lower and those of omega-6 PUFAs higher in subjects with bipolar disorder (BD) compared to healthy controls (HCs), and would correlate with symptom severity in subjects with BD, and that effective treatment would correlate with increased omega-3 but lower omega-6 PUFA levels.
This combination will provide Whitney Correlate with access to a larger global client base and the best intelligence and research platform in the industry, while Options Group will strengthen its global investment banking and capital markets practices.
In an effort to assess how numeric pain scores reported by patients with chronic low back pain correlate with their functional activity levels and satisfaction with their pain management, the investigators enrolled 100 patients with radicular low back pain and a mean age of 49 years.
Second, because charitable giving is the giving of one's monetary resources, it is more likely to correlate with variables related to income.
The maternal traumatic reaction linked to premature birth does not correlate with the term at birth, but rather with the weight of the baby.
The study, conducted by anthropologists at Emory University, finds smaller testicular volumes also correlate with more nurturing-related brain activity in fathers as they are looking at photos of their own children.
Harboring pro-inflammatory CFH variants does not correlate with high CRP or low MPOD.
Higher blood levels of the "good" HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) correlate with better functional performance of the leg in older, non-disabled individuals, according to a report in the April issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.
These symptoms are more likely to correlate with CT evidence of CRS than headache or facial pain or pressure.
Figure 1 shows that a point biserial correlation between subjective difficulty rating and correct selection of functional hypothesis exists for only one case, while for 5 out of 10 cases difficulty ratings correlate with treatment selection accuracy.
The books in the Sound Advice series were designed to correlate with the ear-training requirements for the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations and the Victoria Conservatory of Music examinations.
In the VRM test, which has been shown to correlate with later IQ, the child is first shown two identical photographs of an infant's face, side by side, at a standardized distance.
Indeed, phenotypic attributes of avirulent American DENV-2 genotype viruses appear to correlate with differences in disease severity (8).