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politically correct

Describing statements or behavior that is careful to avoid offensive or insensitive content. Our CEO is constantly being criticized in the media because he rarely makes politically correct speeches.
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stand corrected

to admit that one has been wrong. I realize that I accused him wrongly. I stand corrected. We appreciate now that our conclusions were wrong. We stand corrected.
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politically correct

Also, PC or p.c. Showing an effort to make broad social and political changes to redress injustices caused by prejudice. It often involves changing or avoiding language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to gender, race, or ethnic background. For example, Editors of major papers have sent out numerous directives concerning politically correct language . This expression was born in the late 1900s, and excesses in trying to conform to its philosophy gave rise to humorous parodies.
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stand corrected

Agree that one was wrong, as in I stand corrected-we did go to Finland in 1985. This idiom was first recorded in John Dryden's The Maiden Queen (1668): "I stand corrected, and myself reprove."
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all present and correct

used to indicate that not a single thing or person is missing.
1982 Bernard MacLaverty A Time to Dance She began to check it, scraping the coins towards her quickly and building them into piles. ‘All present and correct,’ she said.
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poˌlitically corˈrect

(abbr. PC) used to describe language or behaviour that deliberately tries to avoid offending particular groups of people: These days everybody has to be politically correct. I even heard someone the other day calling a short person ‘vertically challenged’!
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all ˌpresent and corˈrect

(British English) (American English all ˌpresent and acˈcounted for) (spoken) used to say that all the things or people who should be there are now there: ‘Now, is everybody here?’ ‘All present and correct, Sir!’
This is used in the army to inform an officer that none of the soldiers in his or her unit are missing, injured, etc.
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