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if memory serves

If my memory is correct. If memory serves, you were looking for a copy of his new book last time. Good news—we just got some in.
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if my memory serves me correctly

Fig. if I have remembered it correctly... If my memory serves me correctly, you are the cousin of my closest friend.
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if my ˌmemory serves me ˈwell, corˈrectly, etc.


if ˌmemory ˈserves

if I remember correctly: I first went to Canada in June 1982, if my memory serves me right.It was 1997, if memory serves.
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Up to the age of 12 years, when it is assumed that children will be able to use the seatbelts fitted in a car, the driver is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate child restraint is fitted and that it is being used correctly.
56% of men answered this question correctly, with nearly a quarter of men incorrectly choosing "types of current credit" as not having an impact.
Even if you believe your child car seats are correctly fitted, it's still worth going along to the sessions and getting them checked out by an expert just to make sure.
When asked to rank a list of UK cities, Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Luton, in the order they are located, from north to south, eight in 10 correctly placed Newcastle and Luton.
After playing soccer for many years, I can state that players who are taught to head a ball correctly at the start of the learning curve will not receive concussions from heading a ball.
The equity that Mr Edgeley so rightly craves lies within the appeals system, which correctly exists to exploit any loopholes, failure in procedure, perceived anomalies or mitigating circumstances, and therein the jockeys had their right to seek to redress any injustice they felt.
None of the those surveyed could identify all 12 signs correctly and notably the only sign with 100 per cent of drivers recognition was the speed camera.
Older drivers aged over 55 did better than their younger counterparts, correctly identifying 55% compared with the 45% of signs correctly identified by 18-to-24-year-olds.
It says that homosexuals "find themselves in a situation that gravely hinders them from relating correctly to men and women" and that "the candidate to the ordained ministry must reach affective maturity.
During the 250-hour inspection, mechanics, if you remove or install the Longbow mast-mounted assembly (MMA), use the sling correctly and follow the 1-1520-Longbow IETM.
Research found that 59% of women could correctly identify the offside law as opposed to just 55% of men.
Gating is a science and also an art that will yield defect-free castings with an acceptable yield provided the components are sized correctly.
On the other hand, if a listing is correctly or even under priced, it will generate overwhelming interest immediately.
com for correctly guessing the winners of stock-car cup races.
However, she, and correctly so, changes this advice when it comes to advanced students and those preparing for a competition.