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if memory serves

If my memory is correct. If memory serves, you were looking for a copy of his new book last time. Good news—we just got some in.
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if my memory serves me correctly

Fig. if I have remembered it correctly... If my memory serves me correctly, you are the cousin of my closest friend.
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if my ˌmemory serves me ˈwell, corˈrectly, etc.


if ˌmemory ˈserves

if I remember correctly: I first went to Canada in June 1982, if my memory serves me right.It was 1997, if memory serves.
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Follow the traffic law which is there to ensure you a nice and safe travelling: check your car insurance, check the validity of your driving licence, ask your garage to verify that the safety devices of your car are operational and correctly adjusted (i.e.
"Of the seven drivers tested, two carried out the procedure correctly.
Of 85 seats analysed at random, in 51 cars only 31 were fitted correctly and, when the suitability and fitting of the child were taken into account, that figure dropped to just 13.
* Only 36% of 18-to-24-year-olds answered correctly
The results are distinguished 96% were correctly classified, while 4% were misclassified.
Are we ready to explain the Word of truth correctly in this world -- a place of great confusion and lack of understanding of God's moral laws?
The results show that 17% of Americans are highly informed, answering four or five knowledge questions correctly. Another third correctly answered two or three questions, and about a quarter each could answer one or none correctly.
"Each inhaler requires a different technique on how to use it, so it's no wonder a high number of people don't take their medication correctly."
There is no cure, but most people with asthma who receive the right treatment - and take it correctly - find they can control their symptoms and lead normal lives.
Only 48% of Millennials (aged 25 to 34) could answer half the questions correctly, while 57% of Generation X (35-50) and 62% of those over 50 years old answered more than half of the questions correctly.
The website, which was developed for the Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP), contains information to educate parents and carers on how to choose the best restraint for their child and how to ensure the restraint is correctly fitted to the vehicle.
I RECENTLY returned from London to find four letters delivered to my house, all correctly addressed, but to my neighbours, not me.
Out of total 100 cases, 33 cases were benign and 67 cases were malignant Out of the 33 benign cases, 31 (94%) were diagnosed correctly and correlated histologically and 1 (3%) was false negative and one case was diagnosed as false positive.
We regard an object as 'correctly placed' if it is placed in the cell of the same number.