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corral (someone or something)

To steer or guide someone or something into a particular place. The dog corralled the sheep back into their pen.
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corral someone or something

Fig. to herd someone or something into a corral or other enclosed space. It took the cowboys two hours to corral the mustangs. The nursery school teacher herded the kids off the playground and corraled them in the classroom.

corral dust

n. nonsense, lies, and exaggeration. (A euphemism for bullshit.) The way Judy handles the corral dust, she must be running for political office.
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'The latest expensive craze among hobbyists is not simply to take care of colorful tropical fishes in their aquarium but also to maintain a live corral colony.
If you are looking for a cutting tool specifically for building metal pipe corrals, I would get this before the $800 chop saw or the $1,500 plasma cutter that we bought.
And now they will, side-by-side, thanks to bike corrals. Ruth would have loved that.
The Wall Street Journal noted that the life of a Golden Corral franchisee "is a blend of entrepreneur and traditional manager."
The Corrals own their own home, and a second piece of property and some stock market investments provide their income.
With these thugs, a season's raids left enslaved species at about one-third the strength of a corral of unharrassed acorns.
I got them all home, again, and put them in a sturdy round corral made of the heavy pipe panels.
Preliminary veterinarian results indicate that 25 wild horse foals held at the BLMs Litchfield Corrals may have died from colitis, or inflammation of the colon.
Now, researchers have worked out a way of predicting with great accuracy the standing-wave patterns produced by electron waves bouncing around inside enclosed structures, or quantum corrals, of particular shapes.
14-16, at the BLMs Litchfield wild horse and burro corrals near Susanville.
"This is not an unexpected result, but rather a unique visual confirmation of what Schrodinger's equations predict." By focusing surface electrons, corrals make possible deeper studies of electron behavior.
Young mustang geldings, aged 3 to 5, will be available for adoption, when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holds a special open house at the Ridgecrest Wild Horse and Burro Corrals, Thursday, August 10, to Saturday, August 12.
The partnership between Golden Corral and DAV has never served as many or raised as much as in 2006.