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corral (someone or something)

To steer or guide someone or something into a particular place. The dog corralled the sheep back into their pen.
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corral someone or something

Fig. to herd someone or something into a corral or other enclosed space. It took the cowboys two hours to corral the mustangs. The nursery school teacher herded the kids off the playground and corraled them in the classroom.
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corral dust

n. nonsense, lies, and exaggeration. (A euphemism for bullshit.) The way Judy handles the corral dust, she must be running for political office.
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Golden Corral, which initially founded Camp Corral, shares DAV's commitment to veterans and families.
Corral said they are now preparing to quash such attempts with sound data and mass mobilization during the bicameral conference.
Citing the study, Corral the current minimum wage in Metro Manila of P537 actually comes down to P416 after deducting contributions for Pag-IBIG, Social Security System, and PhilHealth.
For more information, please contact Luigui Corral of RE/MAX American Dream at 847.236.0000.
The decision to give back to the military came naturally for Golden Corral. Its original restaurant in Fayetteville, N.C.
Smit, designe par le groupe Corral et de l'italienne, Loretta Malintoppi, cooptee par le Royaume du Maroc qui a designe comme avocate par le Cabinet Allen & Overy (Naciri & associes) alors que le cabinet international Gibson Dunn accompagnera Corral.
It's important to know how to build pipe corrals because of the availability of material and, if done correctly, it will only need to be done once in a lifetime.
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Javier Corral and President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration over a corruption investigation and perceptions of financial retribution, and the clash could have implications for the 2018 presidential election.
Camp Corral, a leading nonprofit advocate for military families, announced today that Lisa Brown has accepted the position as chief development officer.
Birmingham's national and international reputation for excellence has clearly proved to be the right choice of environment for Corral, who has worked closely with City of Birmingham's head men's artistic coach, Lee Woolls.