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corporate ladder

The hierarchy of authority and earning power within a large business or corporation, likened to the rungs of a ladder. Usually used with some variable verb or phrase referring to ascension. Although you're starting at an entry-level position, this company prides itself on giving employees the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder if they prove their abilities and determination. She proved early on that she had unique business smarts, and she's been making her way up the corporate ladder ever since.
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corporate welfare bum

A corporation or executive who makes money (or is thought to make money) through tax breaks or legal loopholes. Primarily heard in Canada. These corporate welfare bums can afford to pay the taxes, but they just get their accountants to make it so they don't have to.
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A number of factors may result in vacant houses' (including those that are corporately owned) selling for less than comparable occupied houses.
First, some brokers suggest that corporately owned properties may sell at lower prices because corporate owners have lower emotional and financial attachments to the property.
Fifty of the houses in the sample were corporately owned and were located in 20 of the 97 MLS areas.
First, to help control for any price effect due to locational differences, all individually owned properties were required to be located in the same MLS areas in which the corporately owned houses were located.
Second, the individually owned houses were selected because the property characteristics of the house closely resembled the property characteristics of the corporately owned property from the same MLS area.
Other things being equal, corporately owned houses sell at the same price as individually owned houses.
Also included in the explanatory variables are CORP and FURN, which indicate whether the house was corporately owned or individually owned and shown furnished, respectively.
In essence, no significant price difference is discovered between corporately owned houses and individually owned houses, nor is any price difference found between occupied houses and those shown vacant.
Therefore, appraisers were advised that they may need to adjust the selling price of a corporately owned house when it is used as a comparable in estimating the value of an individually owned house.
has emphasized corporately owned and operated units.
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