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corporate ladder

The hierarchy of authority and earning power within a large business or corporation, likened to the rungs of a ladder. Usually used with some variable verb or phrase referring to ascension. Although you're starting at an entry-level position, this company prides itself on giving employees the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder if they prove their abilities and determination. She proved early on that she had unique business smarts, and she's been making her way up the corporate ladder ever since.
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corporate welfare bum

A corporation or executive who makes money (or is thought to make money) through tax breaks or legal loopholes. Primarily heard in Canada. These corporate welfare bums can afford to pay the taxes, but they just get their accountants to make it so they don't have to.
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NCUA Board Approves 8BP Corporate Fee for 2013: NCUA to impose the lowest corporate assessment on credit unions since making their first payment in 2009.
For instance, some corporate insurance policies commonly exclude coverage for conduct of fraud, insider trading or personal profiteering.
Because investment decisions in the financial world rely on speed and decimal point accuracy, corporate treasuries need complex technology that simultaneously speeds and simplifies investment decision information.
The court found some basis in a congressional committee report for concluding that the cross-reference refers to the large corporate underpayment definition.
In addition, the development has the ability to accommodate office, industrial, R&D or corporate headquarters facilities on a build-to-suit basis.
Already, the new deans at INSEAD, Columbia Business School and Harvard Business School are putting their stamp on programs and initiatives to update their schools' approaches to grooming tomorrow's corporate leaders.
"These broker votes overwhelmingly follow management's recommendations," says Latham, who considers the practice a corporate form of ballot stuffing.
Pearlstine's actions suggested that he had a responsibility to protect the profits and corporate interests of Time Warner first--and journalistic principle second."
The Justice Department has published the criteria it uses in evaluating its options in a corporate criminal investigation.
Corporate finance is getting a lift in Mexico from low interest rates, too, and a much more predictable monetary policy from the Central Bank.
Allocations: If a partnership note cannot be structured to avoid AHYDO characterization, the first task is to determine how much of the debt should be allocated to corporate versus noncorporate partners.
Corporate Microsoft Exchange messaging systems are growing at an exponential rate, as employees use e-mail as a business-critical communication tool.
This seemingly contradictory development, however, can be explained by the fact that, in Japan, corporate demand for funds has actually turned negative since 1998.
Physician executives in a corporation, by contrast, must take a multi-faceted approach in their interactions with clinical and non-clinical cohorts and superiors within the corporate work environment.
There are those who see corporate compliance as just another example of overzealous government intrusion.