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corporate ladder

The hierarchy of authority and earning power within a large business or corporation, likened to the rungs of a ladder. Usually used with some variable verb or phrase referring to ascension. Although you're starting at an entry-level position, this company prides itself on giving employees the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder if they prove their abilities and determination. She proved early on that she had unique business smarts, and she's been making her way up the corporate ladder ever since.
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corporate welfare bum

A corporation or executive who makes money (or is thought to make money) through tax breaks or legal loopholes. Primarily heard in Canada. These corporate welfare bums can afford to pay the taxes, but they just get their accountants to make it so they don't have to.
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On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am writing to express TEI's opposition to legislation requiring a company's Chief Executive Officer to sign the corporate tax return.
Activists watch for corporate compliance with regulatory standards, emissions and use of hazardous materials, waste reduction and recycling program in the company, and environmentally friendly packaging.
Elsewhere, CATO's huge Social Security privatization project has been underwritten by $2 million or more in corporate money, much of it from financial service companies which would directly benefit from privatization.
In the case of recalcitrant CEOs and directors, better corporate governance may not be attainable until retirements have taken place; the Dwayne Andreases, Peter Graces, and William Agees finally retire, die, or get fired.
The rapid buildup of debt in the nonfinancial corporate sector was accompanied by rising net interest payments that absorbed a growing share of corporate gross product (chart 4).
Two tangles ahead: risk management and corporate governance
authorities to soften the blow of Sarbanes-Oxley conflicts with European regulation, he also was pushing the EU Commission Action Plan of May 23, 2003, to modernize company law and enhance corporate governance.
82-83 provides useful guidance when evaluating whether a corporation had some reasonable basis for treating corporate officers as nonemployees.
Best Practices in Corporate Communication discovered several global employee communication trends:
1 of the ETA pierce the corporate shield by treating employees with direct or indirect involvement in their corporation's tax return as partners in the business (or as guarantors) -- without any of the advantages offered to partnerships.
One way is to organize a board committee o corporate governance, also known as the committee on the board or the committee on board operations.
But perhaps there is something more: It could be that the experience of being victimized strips away the layers of corporate created by million-dollar Madison Avenue advertising, giving victims a more accurate picture of the interests our criminal law protects and those that it should be protecting.
However, a prudent approach would be to issue debt with terms structured to avoid the AHYDO rules or to ensure that the issuing partnership has no corporate partners--either directly or by looking through to higher-tier owners.
instead of going from household savings to corporate investment through the banks and capital markets, the companies are returning the money back to them.
JofA: Given the corporate scandals of the past two or three years, what is Business Roundtable doing to help restore confidence in the nation's corporate governance system?