have a corncob up ass

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have a corncob up one's ass

 and have a poker up one's ass 
1. Inf. to be very stiff. (Use with caution.) How come you're acting so high-and-mighty with me? Do you have a corncob up your ass? He was a terrible actor, stiff and wooden. He looked like he had a poker up his ass.
2. Inf. to be very touchy or irritable. Wow! Old Mr. Webster really has a corncob up his ass this morning. Watch out! Tom has a poker up his ass and he's looking for you. Better make yourself scarce.
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At present, we have not yet identified species other than rats that may be affected by exposure to the corncob bedding material.
That plant is beginning to gasify corncobs and other biomass to replace some of the natural gas used in producing ethanol.
Regardless of the metabolic fate or mechanism of action of the THF-diols or LTX-diols, it is clear that exposure of rats to these compounds via the bedding material, ground corncob extracts, or oral administration of highly purified synthetic preparations disrupts male and female sexual behavior and cyclicity in the 0.
By using a "soft" grit that is also a natural material, such as corncob residue or nut shells, this technique can be used agriculturally.
Agricultural Research Service soil scientist Brian Wienhold focused on a single component of residue--the corncob.
Finally, late in the novel -- after Temple tells Horace the story of herself, Popeye, and the corncob -- Horace is walking and mentally soliloquizing that the evil in the world is vast and virile, that it has a "logical pattern.
I had to open my fat little ears to the contentions of my peers that for pure smoking pleasure, burdock seed in a corncob pipe was the only way to go.
All the while overacting madly and chewing on a corncob pipe like some foul-mouthed Popeye.
and phlegm, Ho Chi Minh, corncob and Eva Gabor wigs.
He doesn't even take the corncob pipe from his mouth when he kisses the bride.
In 1994, he also claimed the record for the longest corncob.
The plants have grown copiously and even borne large-sized corncob, [but] to the shock of our farmers, they have no grains within them," he said.
Even in the limited open areas, terrain is corncob rough with countless escape routes for game.
The reader will learn all about corncob pipes, visit one of the legendary Midwestern corn palaces, understand finally the true nature of fructose, find out how Native Americans ground their staple crop, and delve deeply into the history, mythology and sacred ritual around this humble foodstuff.
The mixer is loaded with all ingredients of the substrate (sawdust, corncob and wheat mill) and mixed for 15-30 minutes.