have a corncob up ass

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have a corncob up one's ass

 and have a poker up one's ass 
1. Inf. to be very stiff. (Use with caution.) How come you're acting so high-and-mighty with me? Do you have a corncob up your ass? He was a terrible actor, stiff and wooden. He looked like he had a poker up his ass.
2. Inf. to be very touchy or irritable. Wow! Old Mr. Webster really has a corncob up his ass this morning. Watch out! Tom has a poker up his ass and he's looking for you. Better make yourself scarce.
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Six samples were collected at time 0 (3 of corncobs and 3 of corn), and 12 samples of each were collected on the remaining sample dates (four storage treatments with three replications) for a total of 108 samples per storage experiment (winter crop and summer crop).
The plant residual particularly corn stover and corncob is commonly generated as the main by-products.
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Among different agricultural adsorbents, corncob (central core of maize ear) has been reported as an efficient biosorbent [13] with high biomass production [14].
JEDDAH: IRFAN MOHAMMEDCorn is an important seasonal agriculture crop in the Kingdom and many residents are fond of eating whole corncobs after heating them on hot coal or boiling them in water.
If you want bright shiny brass, a following tumble polish in corncob media will put the shine back on.
He stayed overnight there and at breakfast pancakes were served with aple" syrup, He was told it was corncob syrup, but he maintained it was maple, like he grew up eating in Pennsylvania.
summer barbecues, buzzsawing through a buttered corncob, and the morning
Multifuel Boiler (Gas, Corncob, Rice Husk, Cotton Stacks, Wood Pallets) by Qingdao East Power Industry Co.
So obviously it could take care of a corncob if it worked properly.
FV = sources of variation, GL = freedom degrees, RFV = yield of green forage, PT = stalk weight, PHP = plant leaves weight, PECH = corncob weight with leaves, DE = corncob diameter, LE = corncob length, AP = plant height, *, ** = significance, CV = coefficient of variation, * = (p [less than or equal to] 0.
Smoothly, k quietly and efficiently, the vibrating action IF cleans and polishes your grungiest empties to a slick sheen, using crushed walnut shell or corncob tumbling media.
Avoid Corncob, shavings, sand, or kitty litter as these can cause impactions and the dust can carry fungus spores and infect the respiratory system.
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The sealed conveying system uses an auger below the hopper to ensure the waste material flows properly through the vacuum line to a large container that holds only the waste corncob meal.