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And he got himself corn, and began to make fire-brew and sell it for strings of money.
And Three-Legs often let many large fields lie idle so as to get more money for his corn.
Then, too, there was always talk of war with the Meat-Eaters, and Dog- Tooth and Tiger-Face filled many houses with corn, and dried fish, and smoked goat-meat, and cheese.
And then we will go out together, the Fish-Eaters and the Meat-Eaters, and we will kill the tigers and the lions and the wolves and the wild dogs, and we will pasture our goats on all the hill-sides and plant our corn and fat roots in all the high mountain valleys.
And all the hunting animals will be killed, and, as Hair-Face said, all the hill-sides will be pastured with goats and all the high mountain valleys will be planted with corn and fat roots.
At these words the corn factor grew pale as a linen napkin.
At the sound of the name of Robin Hood, the corn factor quaked with fear, so that he had to seize his horse by the mane to save himself from falling off its back.
1 (8-ounce) bag dried corn husks OR about 7 dozen corn husks
In a market that typically exceeds $200 million in terms of total treatment investment cost (grower spend), Callisto achieved almost 25 percent share of the post-emergent, broadleaf weed control market in corn, treating more than 4 million acres.
Evidence of estrogenic activity in corn oil was reported more than 40 years ago (Booth et al.
Transgenic soy and, to a lesser extent, corn seeds smuggled from Argentina already have caused a small percentage of soy and corn product in Brazil to test positive for modification.
Bt corn carries a gene from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (ba-SIL-us thur-in-JEAN-sis).
Biotech companies sell corn carrying the toxin gene, designed to protect the crop from moth caterpillars with minimal collateral damage to bees and other beneficial insects.
Today, as Advanta Seeds worldwide manager for dent and tropical corn, two of the many varieties arown, the Orrville, Alabama, native, is responsible for designing and helping to implement a strategy that will expand the company's presence in all the major corn seed markets of the world.
1221(1), the Claims Court focused on the Supreme Court's decision in Corn Products Refining Co.