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corked up

Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corked up.
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corked (up)

and corky
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You’d be corked up, too, if you’d drunk as much as I have. Willie’s acting sort of corky.
See also: corked, up


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Corky was rescued by former Mirfield student Eve Moore, 21, who is re-homing manager for London-based charity the Wild at Heart Foundation.
Eve Moore with Louise Redknapp and Corky after their long journey to Majorca
Each of the amazing pieces of the prize package, along with details about the product and the business are featured in the Corky Kouture[TM] blog at CorkyKoutureBlog.
I think Corky knows less about cricket than Mad Max.
Brijal Patel, a senior at Kell and executive director of Kell Robotics, told us that Corky is largely made of parts recycled from old robotics kits used in FIRST competitions.
Most of us marvel at how Corky is so prolific, drawing a color cartoon for the front page and a black-and-white one for the editorial page -- every day
Kristina and Corky, 47, also a TV star in the US, have been embroiled in a bitter break-up since he spoke about her role in Strictly to the Sunday Mirror last month.
The dogs are 14-month-old Staffordshire cross Benji, 15-month-old Labrador Collie cross Corky, three-year-old cross Robbie and one-year-old German Shepherd Kai.
Left Rear: AI Clarkson (docent), Kathy Patterson Right Rear: Mary McDougall, Alison Agnew, Kathy Agar, Erin Agar Front: Corky Agnew, Connie Agnew, Bonnie Mooney, Doris Willoughby, Lyn Murison.
Having risen triumphantly from his working-class roots in the old ethnic neighborhood of "Irish Hill" to become a millionaire real estate developer and local politician, Corky exemplifies the familiar success story of assimilation and financial betterment enshrined in the American Dream.
CORKY MCMILLIN, A LEADING figure in Southern California's home building, development, and business circles for more than four decades, died Sept.
Named Mountain, with the addition of Canadian drummer Corky Laing, they made some of the loudest albums of the day, Mountain Climbing and the nuclear Nantucket Sleighride, and they even appeared at Woodstock, before disbanding in 1972.
If the Davis researchers could use their NMR to measure corky off-flavor--a more widespread spoilage problem--then the system might find more use, Henick-Kling says.