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corked up

Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corked up.
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corked (up)

and corky
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You’d be corked up, too, if you’d drunk as much as I have. Willie’s acting sort of corky.
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Corky was preceded in death by his wife, Mary Ann (Mitzi) Cagle Melton; by his beloved sister-in-law/"daughter" Beth Ellen Cagle White; sister-in-law, Sue Cagle Suppan; his siblings, Annabelle Griswold, Mary Gholson, Charles Melton, Harrell Melton and Henry (Dutch) Melton Jr.; three nephews, and his aforementioned parents.
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Patel said one possible use of the money could be to equip Corky, or another prototype, with a robotic arm and camera or other sensing technology that would let it find and retrieve garbage under the surface.
"Any Hawaii cartoonist works in Corky's shadow; he's the ultimate local cartoonist," former MidWeek cartoonist Daryl Cagle, who syndicates Corky's work, said in a story.
Corky also received NAI's President's Award during the 2008 NAI National Workshop in Portland.
If you are looking for exciting pilot stories, read Corky Meyer's Flight Journal The cases above are just two of the many emergencies Meyer faced in his 36 year career with Grumman Aircraft.
She said Kai was abandoned as a stray and Corky is "quite energetic" and needs some basic training, adding: "He's a puppy who wants to please."
Where she can't seem to get a clue, it seems, is high school; in her prim plaid skirts, penny loafers, knee socks and matching headbands, Nancy is an anachronism, quickly eliciting the scorn of "cool" girls Inga (Daniella Monet) and Trish (Kelly Vitz), as well as the curiosity of precocious 12-year-old Corky (Josh Flitter).
Corky was played by Mickey Braddock, who later reverted back to his real name Mickey Dolenz as drummer with The Monkees.
Set in Union City, New York (a fictionalized version of Buffalo), What I Lived For traces the frenetic movements of forty-three-year-old Jerome "Corky" Corcoran over the course of Memorial Day weekend, 1992.
CORKY MCMILLIN, A LEADING figure in Southern California's home building, development, and business circles for more than four decades, died Sept.
"What if we get caught?" whispered our younger brother, Corky. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to see the room if it meant risking punishment.
Named Mountain, with the addition of Canadian drummer Corky Laing, they made some of the loudest albums of the day, Mountain Climbing and the nuclear Nantucket Sleighride, and they even appeared at Woodstock, before disbanding in 1972.
The second-oldest microbrewery in Colorado (after Rockies Brewing in Boulder) at 13 years in age, Odell Brewing is the baby of the husband-wife-husbands sister team of Doug, Wynne and Corky Odell.