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corkscrewed (up)

mod. courageous because of alcohol; with one’s courage screwed by alcohol. After getting himself corkscrewed up, he went into the boss’s office for a word.
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See also: corkscrew
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The slight issue is that, even though corkscrews have been around for 300 years or so, no one has invented the perfect answer to removing a stubborn cork, but many have tried, particularly the ingenious Victorians.
A wine opener with style, and oodles of it, is Anna G, the corkscrew from Alessi, with her smiling face, quirky haircut, and vintage dress.
The two steel corkscrews pictured here are each referred to as cellarman, dating from the late 19th/early 20th centuries.
Handily there's bound to be a spare knitting needle if no body's remember to bring a corkscrew.
Without this level of social reintegration, the individual's chances of climbing the corkscrew are very slim.
One of the cheapest, simplest and best corkscrews is the waiter's friend, which, no surprise, is the one that most wine waiter's use.
A bit pricier are ballet corkscrews - so called because the corkscrew's arms imitate ballet dancer's legs and spread wide as the cork is lifted.
Corkscrews are a popular item to collect and I have found that wealthy professionals from abroad tend to be the most keen.
Corkscrews are, in fact, highly collectable items and can sell for a lot of money.
Make your first glasses of 2006 taste even better with some fantastic wine accessories from corkscrews to coolers for perfect plonk.
NEW YORK-In the multifaceted and robust home barware market, corkscrews and other bar tools once again boasted the highest sales increase in 2004, growing an estimated 20 percent over the year before.
A pair of Victorian corkscrews made in Birmingham are expected to fetch pounds 4,500 at auction this week.
It is an unparalleled adventure that throws riders at intense speeds, countless times over the outside of hairpin turns, vertical loops, corkscrews and the one-of-a-kind heartline spin.
In such cases, the tails - stiff, helical flagella that resemble elongated corkscrews - hook on to a primitive driveshaft, which is spun by what biologists call a "rotary engine.
While overall looks mimic popular kitchenware trends -- for instance, chrome and stainless steel remain favorite barware materials -- companies are also bringing color into the picture in a variety of ways, from corkscrews to drinking glasses.