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Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corkscrewed.
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corkscrewed up

Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corkscrewed up.
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corkscrewed (up)

mod. courageous because of alcohol; with one’s courage screwed by alcohol. After getting himself corkscrewed up, he went into the boss’s office for a word.
See also: corkscrew, up


See also: corkscrew
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The Unicork has already received "Amazon's Choice" designation for searches of "unicorn corkscrew" on and can also be found at the main website
Some of the rarest and most expensive corkscrews from the 18th century were fashioned in silver and gold.
Barbour named the spirals Daemonelix--a Latin version of "devil's corkscrew"--and began trying to answer that question.
A wine opener with style, and oodles of it, is Anna G, the corkscrew from Alessi, with her smiling face, quirky haircut, and vintage dress.
I'm just wild about natural look MUM-of-two Leanne Donovan knows all about corkscrew curls - she's embraced them all her life.
This change forces already twisted fibers to rotate, which can tighten the corkscrew.
Rechargeable electric corkscrew with thermometer, pounds 49.99 (, 0845 3133 352)
Straight pulls with T-bars are some of the simplest corkscrews available, consisting basically of a handle, usually made of wood, and a steel shaft and worm - the wiggly bit that goes into the cork.
Washington, March 20 (ANI): New pictures have revealed that mysterious "corkscrew" waves appear to be pushing heat from the sun's surface to its outer atmosphere, which could help solve the mystery of how the sun is able to heat its atmosphere to millions of degrees hotter than its surface.
Drinks parties should be fun and this bright blue character corkscrew from Italian designer Alessi will create a talking point among guests.
Five specific products-cookware sets, blenders, corkscrews, garment storage and hair dryers-were chosen to highlight the key housewares categories.
A total 9,000 different wines were tasted, so you can bet the judges were sure to remember their corkscrews and probably had very sore arm muscles the next day.
Most corkscrews will do the trick most of the time, but a well-made one is less likely to have you fishing cork crumbs out of your glass.
households don't even own corkscrews, and to sell a product that presumes ownership of a corkscrew is problematic in the extreme."
If you've got a use for 100 pocket knives, you can pick them up for a cool $103.50, and if you're throwing a very big party, you might want to pick up 50 pounds of corkscrews (a steal at $26.88).