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Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corkscrewed.
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corkscrewed up

Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corkscrewed up.
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corkscrewed (up)

mod. courageous because of alcohol; with one’s courage screwed by alcohol. After getting himself corkscrewed up, he went into the boss’s office for a word.
See also: corkscrew, up


See also: corkscrew
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When the use of wine bottles became universal in the mid-18th century, the development and refinement of the corkscrew as we know it today began in earnest using exactly the same technique.
None of them, however, has ever managed to get the hang of the corkscrew burrow.
A wine opener with style, and oodles of it, is Anna G, the corkscrew from Alessi, with her smiling face, quirky haircut, and vintage dress.
It was a little bit of a shame on the Corkscrew stage as I was a little bit out of position and lost some time.
Entrepreneurial initiative and an ability to “think outside the box” is increasingly valued in an ever more competitive graduate jobs market and the Corkscrew Entrepreneur Generator aims to instil young people with the confidence and technical skills necessary to stand out from the crowd.
The screwdriver and corkscrew come in a wooden presentation box, complete with a compact charger that doubles as a holder for the screwdriver bits.
The corkscrew motion of the coils allows them to push or pull against rugged surfaces, making the robot ideal for roving on textured surfaces such as dirt, sand or gravel.
If you have very wet ground salix matsudana Tortuosa or Corkscrew Willow is a good alternative.
The 31-year-old Fiat Yamaha rider said: "This track is a bit harder for me than Sachsenring and I have more pain than I had there, mostly in the ankle but also in the shoulder at the braking point before the Corkscrew.
Rechargeable electric corkscrew with thermometer, pounds 49.
A MAN who ripped out part of his estranged wife's cheek with a corkscrew was jailed for six years yesterday.
This stainless steel corkscrew is encased in rosewood, and, when not in use, it can reside in its natural leather pouch.
Corkscrew milling rather than spade drilling was the outside-of-the-box solution.
Drinks parties should be fun and this bright blue character corkscrew from Italian designer Alessi will create a talking point among guests.