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inner core

The innermost part of something. The term is used both literally and figuratively. What is the Earth's inner core made of? At his inner core, he's a good person, I just know it.
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outer core

One part of the inside of the Earth (as opposed to the Earth's "inner core"). All right class, what can you tell me about the Earth's outer core?
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be rotten to the core

To be entirely bad, evil, or corrupt. The defense attorney refused to take the case when he realized the criminal was rotten to the core, unrepentantly boasting about his heinous crimes. That company is just rotten to the core—I wouldn't be surprised if all the employees were embezzling money!
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to the core

Fully or completely. That company is just rotten to the core—I wouldn't be surprised if all the employees were embezzling money!
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rotten to the core

Fig. really bad; corrupt. That lousy punk is rotten to the core. The entire administration is rotten to the core.
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to the core

all the way through; basically and essentially. (Usually with some negative sense, such as evil, rotten, etc.) Bill said that John is evil to the core. This organization is rotten to the core.
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rotten to the core

Thoroughly bad, as in It seems that this police unit is rotten to the core, involved in numerous extortion schemes . The noun core here denotes the central part or heart of anything or anyone. The idiom was first recorded in 1804.
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to the core

COMMON You use to the core after an adjective to make a statement stronger, especially a statement describing how someone feels or describing the character of someone or something. Father Godfrey Carney said the community was shocked to the core. The insurance industry is rotten to the core. Loxton, the artist, was English to the core yet she was inspired by France.
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to the ˈcore

very much; in every way: He’s a Welshman to the core.They believe that our society is rotten to the core (= completely bad).
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(the) ˌhard ˈcore

(British English) the small central group in an organization, or in a particular group of people, who are the most active or who will not change their beliefs or behaviour: It’s only really the hard core that bother(s) to go to meetings regularly. ▶ ˈhard-core adj.
1 having a belief or a way of behaving that will not change: a hard-core political activist
2 relating to pornography (= books, videos, etc. that describe or show naked people and sexual acts) of an extreme kind: hard-core sex magazines
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1. mod. sexually explicit; pornographic. You can’t sell that hard-core stuff in a store like this!
2. mod. extreme; entrenched. There are too many hard-core cases of poverty there.
3. mod. very good; stunning; great. I’d like a really hard-core pizza with at least five kinds of cheese.
4. mod. extreme; quintessential. She thinks of herself as a hard-core leftist.

rotten to the core

mod. really bad. (see also rotten apple.) That lousy punk is rotten to the core.
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soft core

1. mod. referring to a mild type of pornography. Now even the soft core stuff is getting harder to find at newsstands.
2. n. mild pornography. They keep some soft core under the counter.
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1. mod. [of pornography] less revealing or realistic than real life; not showing genitals. They are showing a lot of soft-core stuff on cable and most of the soap operas.
2. mod. less intense or extreme than hard-core. She had a soft-core approach to portraying suffering.
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To meet these goals, it is essential for COECs to state clear and measurable objectives; possess appropriate expertise to fulfill its stated objectives; identify specific environmental problems; demonstrate alignment to research strength and focus of the center; identify existing and future partners; prioritize short-, mid-, and long-term activities to be implemented; list and describe expected products; state anticipated impacts and their significance for environmental public health; and define evaluation tools to measure the impact of core activities.
As pilot Core Discovery courses began, instructors requested library tours.
After clipping the core into the bath, the KR 500 lifts it out again and transfers it to the apron conveyor of the drying furnace.
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In order to develop core strength, you need to involve all of those forces.
Two years ago, a pair of seismologists discovered evidence that the inner core is dancing to its own beat, spinning measurably faster than the rest of the planet.
This enables the memory controller to service external memory requests independent from core p-state transitions, thus enabling p-state opportunities which can lead to additional power savings.
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Rotating faster than the rest of the planet, these vortices of iron-rich fluid generate an electromagnetic field that tugs on the inner core, speeding it up, the scientists suggest.
The core deposit intangible asset has historically been the most significant intangible asset that has been acquired with the purchase of core deposit accounts.
With the addition of the multi-gigabit triple-mode IP core to our IP portfolio, Jetstream Media Technologies empowers System on Chip (SoC) vendors to build processors that support all three cryptographic algorithms AES-CCM, AES-GCM, and XEX-AES.
Without a fundamental understanding of thermo-kinetics and fluid dynamics of molten metal-sand core interactions, it is difficult to make decisions in preventing defects.
Xilinx also announced successful interoperability testing of its 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface (XAUI) IP core with a number of 3rd party vendors during several group test sessions.