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cordon bleu

1. noun One who has earned the highest distinction in one's field, especially a chef. After studying with master chefs in France, Betty became a cordon bleu herself.
2. adjective Of the highest distinction in one's field. After studying with master chefs in France, Betty became a cordon bleu chef herself.
3. adjective Of food that has been prepared to the highest standard. At a five-star restaurant like that, you're guaranteed to get a cordon bleu dish.
4. adjective Stuffed with ham and cheese and then fried, as in the dish chicken cordon bleu. You don't need to make me a fancy dish like chicken cordon bleu—I'm fine with chicken nuggets!
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cordon off

To restrict access to a particular area by using a rope, tape, or other means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cordon" and "off." That section of the restaurant has been cordoned off for a private party.
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cordon something off

to mark off an area where people should not go with a rope, tape, ribbon, etc. The police cordoned the scene of the crime off, and we could not even get close. They cordoned off the area.
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A spokeswoman told The Gazette: "The cordon is in place after two people were arrested on suspicion of robbery.
A police car with two officers inside sat outside the cordon on Saturday night.
The troops cordoned off Branpathri Kahlil in Tral area of the district and launched searches.
Cointreau was introduced as Le Cordon Bleu president and CEO.
Emergency services cordoned off Northumberland Street in Newcastle for more than an hour on Thursday evening.
Le Cordon Bleu has helped shape the careers of some of the best chefs and food enthusiasts around the world.
He added: "A cordon is in place and CSI and search teams will be conducting investigations.
Chef Emil Minev, Culinary Arts Director at Le Cordon Bleu, said: "As an institute with a rich heritage spanning over 120 years, Le Cordon Bleu has a long-standing reputation of training the finest chefs and most innovative Food Entrepreneurs in the world.
After 10 years of discussions, negotiations, and planning between two distinguished educational institutions, Le Cordon Bleu Ateneo de Manila Institute (LCBAI) is finally open.
One of the world's highly esteemed culinary institutes, Le Cordon Bleu (Paris) inaugurated its first venture in the Philippines with the Ateneo de Manila University on April 5.
The youth were killed during a 'cordon and search operation' in the Yarwan area of the district.
SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops in their fresh act of state terrorism martyred three youth in Shopian district on Thursday, reported The youth were martyred by the troops during a cordon and search operation at Yarwan area of the district.A police official talking to media men said that the soldiers of 23 PARA cordoned off Yarwan, Keller, a forest area on the tail end of the district and started a search operation at around 2:30am.
The assault has seen a large cordon put in place, meaning shoppers can't get to some shops on Black Friday.