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cordon bleu

1. noun One who has earned the highest distinction in one's field, especially a chef. After studying with master chefs in France, Betty became a cordon bleu herself.
2. adjective Of the highest distinction in one's field. After studying with master chefs in France, Betty became a cordon bleu chef herself.
3. adjective Of food that has been prepared to the highest standard. At a five-star restaurant like that, you're guaranteed to get a cordon bleu dish.
4. adjective Stuffed with ham and cheese and then fried, as in the dish chicken cordon bleu. You don't need to make me a fancy dish like chicken cordon bleu—I'm fine with chicken nuggets!
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cordon off

To restrict access to a particular area by using a rope, tape, or other means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cordon" and "off" or after "off." That section of the restaurant has been cordoned off for a private party.
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cordon something off

to mark off an area where people should not go with a rope, tape, ribbon, etc. The police cordoned the scene of the crime off, and we could not even get close. They cordoned off the area.
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When Cordon refused, officers left the area in an effort to de-escalate the situation, with only a few staying at the scene for security purposes, McLaughlin said.
Its academic director Loic Malfait and Le Cordon Bleu's culinary arts director Alan Swinson were looking for passion from Wednesday's candidates.
El objetivo de este articulo, como primer paso para la comprobacion de nuestra hipotesis, es proponer los fundamentos que, desde la fisica, permiten analizar el impacto de la longitud del cordon umbilical en la circulacion fetal, lo que haria posible el abordaje del problema clinico de una manera mas exacta, para un mejor entendimiento de las repercusiones de la modificacion de la longitud del cordon umbilical en las condiciones fetales intrauterinas.
Senior Inspector Rogelio Taliping, Cordon police chief, said the gunman got Ulnagan's 9mm pistol and P5,000 cash, prompting police to suspect a robbery as one of the possible motives in the killing.
Tomorrow's leaders in hospitality management and restaurant business will come from today's Le Cordon Bleu graduates.
Uniformed officers kept up security on the cordon throughout the day in bitterly-cold temperatures.
A police cordon was later erected to close off a section of Wyndham Crescent as detectives continued their investigations.
Aunque mucho se ha dicho y se ha estudiado sobre este maravilloso cordon que regala vida, oxigeno y nutrientes al bebe, en los ultimos anos se ha retomado como tema de estudio y, en consecuencia, de controversias.
The former Army man believes the city centre lockdown will create an inner and an outer security cordon around Queen Elizabeth.
Maintenance of three aquatic cordons along the Nile Path to the north of Rashid Nile Branch including Al Salmiya Cordon, Salhagar Cordon & Benofar Cordon.
Two military, who were in cordon, were injured by explosion.
They all lived inside a 350-yard cordon erected by police around the building on an industrial estate in Chester-le-Street, Co.
The Tesco supermarket in Quedgeley, Gloucester, was surrounded by a police cordon, although officers did not think the spray was dangerous.
Emergency services have placed a cordon around the Regent Language Training School in Edinburgh after the discovery of the three small packages that may contain radioactive material.
They prepared experimental batches of a stuffed pasta product, tortellini, and slightly pre-fried breaded reconstituted turkey steaks with cheese and ham filling, Cordon Bleu.