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cordon bleu

1. noun One who has earned the highest distinction in one's field, especially a chef. After studying with master chefs in France, Betty became a cordon bleu herself.
2. adjective Of the highest distinction in one's field. After studying with master chefs in France, Betty became a cordon bleu chef herself.
3. adjective Of food that has been prepared to the highest standard. At a five-star restaurant like that, you're guaranteed to get a cordon bleu dish.
4. adjective Stuffed with ham and cheese and then fried, as in the dish chicken cordon bleu. You don't need to make me a fancy dish like chicken cordon bleu—I'm fine with chicken nuggets!
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cordon off

To restrict access to a particular area by using a rope, tape, or other means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cordon" and "off" or after "off." That section of the restaurant has been cordoned off for a private party.
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cordon something off

to mark off an area where people should not go with a rope, tape, ribbon, etc. The police cordoned the scene of the crime off, and we could not even get close. They cordoned off the area.
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The cordon is likely to remain in place until Saturday evening and extra officers are in the area to offer reassurance to the local community.
Las celulas progenitoras para el trasplante se obtienen por aspiracion de la medula osea o del cordon umbilical en mujeres embarazadas.
Durante la salida de la cabeza fetal en el trabajo de parto es importante distinguir el grado de tension del cordon alrededor del cuello, ya que de esto dependera si es facilmente reducible el cordon o por el contrario presentara algun tipo de dificultad.
A South Wales Police spokeswoman said: "We had a report that masonry had fallen off The Square and a cordon was put in place.
However, families from 16 homes still in the cordon spent the rest of the night with relatives, friends and neighbours.
SECOND PLACE: Gavin and Stacey creators James Cordon and Ruth Jones meet baby William Jones and his mum Sarah at Borders in Cardiff PICTURE: HUW JOHN
Besides selective estimation of the counts of the test organisms, total aerobic counts were evaluated in all samples, and in the case of Cordon Bleu, colony counts of lactic acid bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae, sulphite reducing clostridia, yeasts and molds were also selectively estimated.
The Government has announced that a security cordon of 40,000 Iraqi soldiers and police will ring Baghdad starting next week to try to halt a spree of insurgent violence that has killed more than 620 people this month.
Ya es posible congelar las celulas del cordon umbilical de los recien nacidos y guardarlas por si en el futuro los ninos adquieren alguna enfermedad y estas pueden ayudar a combatirla.
The four-page True Blue insert highlights T-Fal's partnership with Le Cordon Bleu, the prestigious French cooking school that is endorsing Integral cookware.
ISLAMABAD -- Indian troops have launched massive cordon and search operations in Pulwama and Shopian districts of South Kashmir, causing immense inconvenience to the people.
The youth was martyred by the troops during a cordon and search operation in Samboora area of Pampore reported.