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"The term cord cutting is an oversimplification of a very complicated set of behaviors," said Glenn Enoch, Nielsen's svp of audience insights.
"We don't see cord cutting as affecting our business," said the Viacom chief, whose properties include cable networks Comedy Central and MTV.
Media shares were hammered when Disney's Robert Iger mentioned, during an earnings call, that ESPN would see a slower rate of affiliate fee growth than forecast--a sign that cord cutting was hitting the highest levels.
(aka "cord cutting") A debate ensued amongst the media punditry over whether the "cord cutting" was a result of the growing popularity of Over-The-Top TV ( (aka, watching TV over the web) or simply belt tightening by consumers.
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He noted that modest cord cutting and "cord nevers" are the result of large cable bundles that priced out some households, but believes they'll come back if they see more value.
Industryites and Wall Streeters have been parsing the impact of cord cutting and consumers' embrace of multiplatform viewing options for years.
A growing number do so explicitly by cord cutting, ditching live-linear programming in favor of watching YouTube or Netflix content, but an equal number are figuring out ways to subvert their own MVPDs by refusing to take part in the advertising mating dance that's pervaded even on-demand content offerings such as Hulu.
"A senior executive at a major media company once told me that as it pertains to cord cutting, she is unsure the source of this behavior and whether it's related to economic pressure or a disinterest in having cable altogether.
Networks like ESPN aren't in any danger of going extinct any time soon, but with cord cutting on the rise, one thing looks to be certain: in a media landscape where subscribers aren't simply a captive audience, channels are going to look and run far differently than they did before.
Before cord cutting became a thing, Disney held all the leverage with their cable-provider partners.
This is a big move on ABC's part to reach the cord cutting audience, who is currently missing out on local news.
Based onAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA ( Monday's disclos , known as 13F filings, a total of over 530 13F fliers currently hold Netflix stock, indicating a move by investors to hedge against the traditional cable television industry, which, in recent months, has been facing increasing threats to its revenue as consumers switch to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu -- a trend known as "cord cutting."