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copulate with (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one. Our health teacher warned us against copulating with just anyone.
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copulate with someone

[for someone] to have sexual intercourse with someone. He said he wanted to copulate with whom?
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According to these evidences, inhibiting the LH synthesis or release may lead to copulatory deficiency.
The copulatory spicule was described by Zunino (1972) as "spicola copulatrice" for the genus Euonthophagus Balthasar.
However, still very little is known about the male copulatory bulb structures, the homology between ground spiders and other related spider groups, and the role of these structures in the mating process.
Genital morphology, copulatory mechanism and reproductive biology in Psilochorus simoni (Berland, 1911) (Pholcidae; Araneae).
On other hand, when observing the posterior end of the copulatory segments or the end of the abdomen in males, the shape of the gland was completely different, like dark spots, which could not be easily separated.
Based on the development of the oostegites in the females and the copulatory stylet in males below 3.0 mm SL immature specimens were considered to have standard lengths between 3 and 4.9.
Fertilisation is internal, whereby one of the two claspers (copulatory organs) in the male releases sperm into the female.
Using these measures the following parameters were computed: % mounted, % intromitted, % ejaculated, copulatory efficiency (Number intromissions/number of mounts + number intromission) and inter copulatory interval (Average time interval between intromissions).
On the contrary the subchronic treatment failed to exert a significant influence on copulatory behavior.
Characteristics such as the presence of palps that had differentiated into copulatory organs and body shape were used as parameters to differentiate males and females after the sixth molt.
The rats were mated with ovariectomized females (18), sexually activated with exogenous 12[micro]g/rat Estradiol benzoate 56 hrs before and Progesterone 500[micro]g/rat s.c, 4-6 hrs before copulatory test.
A fat, cobby, soup platehooved mare has her place in history as the female who taught the world's most eligible equine bachelor the facts of copulatory life.