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copulate with (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one. Our health teacher warned us against copulating with just anyone.
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copulate with someone

[for someone] to have sexual intercourse with someone. He said he wanted to copulate with whom?
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To determine whether copulation affects mobility, I placed copulating pairs (n = 30) and single bugs (n = 43) in an arena and measured average movement speed.
Dong Ren from Capital Normal University in China said that they found these two very rare copulating froghoppers which provide a glimpse of interesting insect behavior and important data to understand their mating position and genitalia orientation during the Middle Jurassic.
The direct benefit for the male to stand guard is the reduction of the probability of the female copulating with other males prior to oviposition and thus, cause elimination or dilution of the sperm.
Whenever a copulating pair was seen, behaviors were recorded.
In contrast to when adults are of similar body size (see Introduction), males that differ greatly in size from females often have difficulty copulating.
When a fruit tree is spotted, instead of duking it out for the bounty, the bonobos start copulating in all manner of combinations.
For digesting their prey, molting, copulating, depositing eggs and raising offspring, males and females separately construct air bells under water, which are usually built between water plants and fixed with spider thread to plants or stones (Wesenberg-Lund 1939; Heinzberger 1974).
Irate parents using the picturesque bay beach, and locals who walk their dogs, say they are regularly confronted by copulating couples who pop their heads up in the dunes.
Belt buckle cast in low relief with two ibex copulating Bronze with green patina.
He's got a bunch, though he rarely distills much flavor from them: At a state dinner for Queen Elizabeth II, the Captain and Tennille sang "Muskrat Love," a song about copulating rodents.
As for Milton sharing the libertines' "sexual mockery of authority" by imagining Charles I copulating with his mother: well, I thought the source was Suetonius.
Whose interests were best served by belief in witches copulating with demons and stealing priests' penises?
They chose to run two quarter-sized photos of a copulating couple.
The film, which is available to rent on DVD and video now, sees one of Hollywood's most famous killers - Michael Myers - resurrected yet again to slash his way through a house full of copulating teenagers, who've all won the chance to be a part of a live reality TV show.
Natureza em Oposicao a Graca" (Nature in opposition to grace) is the story of a young man who kills his rival and drinks of his blood when he discovers he had been betrayed; and in "Encentres e Desencontros" (Encounters and missed encounters), we read the account of a man who insists on copulating with a woman who happens to be menstruating as a way of demonstrating his unselfish love for her.