copulate with

copulate with (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one. Our health teacher warned us against copulating with just anyone.
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copulate with someone

[for someone] to have sexual intercourse with someone. He said he wanted to copulate with whom?
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How can a young lion who has defeated an older lion manage to copulate with the lioness?
It has been documented that males with more number of ocelli have greater energy; leading to female's first choice to copulate with them.
He addresses previously neglected questions related to evolutionary convergence, such as why certain groups have a propensity to evolve toward particular states, why insects copulate with plants, and why sponges have evolved a system of fiber optics.
Male bee flies fooled into trying to copulate with a daisy may learn from the awkward incident.
We used male behavioral cues (male singing softly and closely following a female collecting nesting material, male attempting to copulate with a female, male feeding an incubating female, and male feeding nestlings) to determine the social mate of the female.
Although bedbugs can be found alone, they are a gregarious creature that love to live--not unlike the hippie--in communes, and love nothing more than to copulate with one and all--and increase their clan, especially if you are gracious enough to feed them regularly.
These males, as those of Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon) asuncicola Strand, 1910, apparently, do not act as guards, as is the case of Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) (Coville, 1981), being present in nest cavities solely to copulate with the resident females.
molesta do not need to copulate with additional virgin males to enhance their fertility rates.
And she (patni) bethought herself: 'How does he copulate with me after have come from each other?
Washington, March 18 (ANI): Agricultural researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are developing an improved method for sustainable pest control using "super-sexed" but sterile male insects to copulate with female ones.
If a male shares meat with a female he will double the amount of times he can copulate with her.
In our behavioral trials, the longest males were usually unable to copulate with the shortest females (Fig.
His idea of using spare time constructively is to drink to excess and copulate with anything with a pulse.
Julian's idea of using his spare time constructively is to drink to excess and copulate with anything with a pulse.