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copulate with (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one. Our health teacher warned us against copulating with just anyone.
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copulate with someone

[for someone] to have sexual intercourse with someone. He said he wanted to copulate with whom?
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While we did not observe this female attempt to copulate with either male and paternity of the brood is unknown, we hypothesize that this case of cooperative breeding resulted from an extrapair-copulation between the female and male 2 during her fertile period.
Sometimes male bedbugs will copulate with other males piercing each other in the abdomen.
However, Burger unhelpfully splits BRIMMER = FILL + UNFILL.) The first five steps of COIT are given below (COIT = COPULATE + UNVIRGIN, COPULATE = COUPLE + COMPLETE, etc.).
These males, as those of Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon) asuncicola Strand, 1910, apparently, do not act as guards, as is the case of Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) (Coville, 1981), being present in nest cavities solely to copulate with the resident females.
In this species, both males and females were reported as polygamous and as being able to copulate multiple times in 24 hours intervals (Dustan 1964).
I say animals because animals copulate in public - do these people have such little respect for others/the culture and worse off themselves that they have to display their drunken cavorts in front of the world?????
To test for an effect of the relative size of males and females on the success of copulation, we conducted forward stepwise logistic regression, with the difference in each trait (male dimension - female dimension) as predictors and copulation success (1 = copulated, 0 = did not copulate) as the response variable.
In response, at its annual camp about 200 miles from Moscow, the Russian youth movement Nashi ("Ours"), in addition to banning alcohol and promoting physical fitness, held mass weddings and led the newly betrothed to a special "Love Oasis" where they were expected to copulate, and thus procreate, for the motherland.
His idea of using spare time constructively is to drink to excess and copulate with anything with a pulse.
Julian's idea of using his spare time constructively is to drink to excess and copulate with anything with a pulse.
I hang a bag of pesticide/from a tree so that the cows can walk back and forth and rub.//There is a glacier in the mountains above town,/fall and tumble, but every year the ice recedes.//Some laugh to see slugs copulate, hanging by threads from trees./Others say this is not so much funny as perverse.//The honeybee's enemies nestle in her hair.
"How to fight, copulate, skin animals and so forth."
Number of young produced in successive broods after one copulation.--To find out whether females need to copulate repeatedly to fertilize subsequent clutches, we took 31 females that had matured in the lab (and thus we knew they were virgins), mated them in the lab, then held the females separately in glass jars for one year, and counted all offspring in successive egg sacs.
According to a study by Cornell, New York State and North Carolina universities, published in the journal Science, the fake roach sex scent made male cockroaches - starved almost to death by scientists - forgo peanut butter for a chance to copulate. Scientists have been searching for the insect's sex pheromone for decades but because only a small amount of the compound is emitted, and is very fragile, it has been difficult to keep in a laboratory without it degrading.
Eros and Thanatos take turns supplying plot-twists as characters copulate, visit mommy or commit murder against ravishing backdrops in lurid monochromes or glowering black-and-white.