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The Supreme Court decided that even the original's "heart" could be copied, so long as the parody did not become "a market substitute" for it.
Sega was not claiming that Accolade's game contained "expression" copied from the Sega program (except as to a small sequence of initialization code).
Because the whole work was copied, Sega argued this also negatived fair use.
If you're having trouble imagining this, think of Camera as if it were a live television camera trained on a scene (in this case, a range of cells), and when it's turned on, it's as if the camera keeps transmitting that live picture of the range of cells to the place where the Camera graphic was copied. Thus, any changes in the original scene are simultaneously reflected in the copied graphic.
Why do this if the good ideas can be quickly copied?"
A block of data is selected and copied to the Clipboard from either a DOS or Windows application and then pasted into the program of your choice.
Now switch to the next non-windows application, which is the destination for the data copied to the Clipboard.
When a snap-copy is initiated, the data is copied to another area of storage, which may take from a few minutes to hours.
They can print in full color or one color or can add color to a portion of a copied page.
This snapshot image is good as gold and can be copied to tape for safe keeping.
* Copy-on-write ensures that only changed blocks are copied. Consequently, data is not unnecessarily duplicated.
Disaster Recovery: Copies of all online, copied data (backup) and onsite saved data (archive).
In the case of local or network file systems, data is copied from the disk or network subsystem into a buffer cache, and then copied into the application's private buffer.