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cope with (someone or something)

To endure something, usually something unpleasant or undesirable. We need to increase the budget this year—our teachers have coped with a lack of funds for long enough. I can't cope with all of this uncertainty—I need to hear back from the colleges I applied to!
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cope with someone or something

to endure someone or something; to manage to deal with someone or something. I don't think I can cope with any more trouble. I can't cope with your being late for work anymore.
See also: cope
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Provide a therapeutic space for family members to think together about how they want to cope and what coping well means to their family.
When dyadic coping takes place, couples cope as a single entity.
Cut the "straightaway" with a miter saw for a faster, straighter cope.
If you look closely at these photos, you'll notice that all the cope cuts are made at an angle.
Simulation results prove the theorem introduced in [4] which stated that COPEs maximum coding gain is 2, which is achievable as N grows larger i.
In this paper, COPEs performance has been analyzed for various different network topologies using theoretical analysis and coding gains for these topologies are also calculated and compared.
You want to measure coping but your protocol's too long: Consider the Brief COPE.
In addition, the way in which people choose to cope is influenced by the evaluation of perceived options for coping.
Coping with a chronic illness like cancer may require the couple to proceed through a number of these cycles as they first cope with the acute stress of the diagnosis and then later cope with the demands of living with cancer over subsequent years.
1988) reported that for their sample, religion was the most common mechanism used to cope with stress.
Family coping was defined by Reiss and Oliveri (1980) as the coping that occurred when the family was called upon to use its paradigm to cope.
Cope was treated overnight Saturday at a local hospital and was diagnosed with a slight concussion, according to his father.
The present study examined the ways carers cope with post-onset changes in patients with neurological disorders.
By analyzing reams of medical-test data from several scientists' studies of the Tibetan and Andean highlanders, Beall has found similarities and differences between the two native groups in how they cope with low oxygen.
Under the terms of the agreement, E Team and COPE Solutions will conduct joint marketing and sales of emergency management software solutions and consulting services throughout Canada.