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cope with (someone or something)

To endure some unpleasant or undesirable person or thing. We need to increase the budget this year—our teachers have coped with a lack of funds for long enough. I can't cope with all of this uncertainty—I need to hear back from the colleges I applied to!
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cope with someone or something

to endure someone or something; to manage to deal with someone or something. I don't think I can cope with any more trouble. I can't cope with your being late for work anymore.
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"David Attenborough had advised her that this reflective surface would scare away a grey squirrel she had discovered dancing among her Hans Coper pieces.
Infrequent' copers rarely used any of the pain-coping strategies.
In terms of the Path Line Length, the injured side of both coper and Non-coper groups showed more line length than the healthy sides and the control group.
Both Rie and her pupil Coper were Jewish refugees and escaped from persecution in Austria and Germany just before the Second World War.
The former researchers, however, reported some evidence for a reversal of buffering, in which high copers showed worse outcomes as stress increased.
See for information about the Derek Williams Trust > Hans Coper, Large Thistle, stoneware, c.1965, 32 x 24cm (c) Estate of Hans Coper Michael Harvey for Erskin, Hall & Co
Like Coper, he made extensive use of manganese, though the oxidised firing to 1100[degrees]C (2012[degrees]F) in his electric kiln did not allow full maturity of the oxides he used.
TOGETHER Lucie Rie and Hans Coper exerted a profound influence on the development of studio ceramics in Britain.
Pieces by Coper and Rie are probably the most expensive of all studio pottery, with prices for work by the former hitting over the pounds 15,000 mark.
The psycho-babble goes on: "I have spent a lot of my life being a coper and a caretaker.
PROTECTING THE BALL Cardiff Ladies' Caroline Coper fends off Swindon's Nicky Relf in their recent match at Cardiff Athletic Stadium.
Masterworks by Dame Lucie Rie and Hans Coper can be seen at Leaminton art gallery from this Saturday (april 21).
Saldin and his colleagues have successfully tested their reconstruction scheme on diffraction patterns created by electrons scattering from coper surfaces.
Not any entioned prices In those days and for perhaps the next 20 years, ceramics by Hans Coper and Lucie Rie, doyen and doyenne respectively of the studio pottery movement, could be picked up for the proverbial song.