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"When we give our all there aren't many teams that can cope with us and we have to relish going there.
"We had too much physicality, too much energy intensity and they couldn't cope with us."
"I don't know how Aberdeen and Rangers will cope with us being up there.
They couldn't cope with us. I was delighted to get our second shut-out of the season (the other being in the 71-0 win against Newbold in the Warwickshire Cup semi-final).
Marske are full of confidence, second in the ENL table having won 4-0 at Jarrow Roofing in midweek, and manager Carl Jarrett said: "I was very happy with our attitude and win at Jarrow on Tuesday night, as Jarrow always make things hard for teams, but if I am honest they couldn't cope with us all night.
"Even so, Aber struggled to cope with us, and only created one chance in open play.
If we play with the intensity that we play with in the Premier League then not many teams can cope with us.
We played a Premier League team and they had to change their formation to cope with us."
"But it was a great team performance and Hearts couldn't cope with us in the final third.
"If we play to our top level not many teams can cope with us, so that means we weren't at our top level.
"We put on a great performance before the interval and they seemed unable to cope with us," he said.
"In the second half we played with a much higher tempo and they struggled to cope with us but they had their lead and defended it well."
"We were three-nil up inside 20 minutes and some of our movement and football meant they just could not cope with us."
Gulf News: How will Iraq cope with US troop pull-out slated for the end of this year?