cope with

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cope with (someone or something)

To endure some unpleasant or undesirable person or thing. We need to increase the budget this year—our teachers have coped with a lack of funds for long enough. I can't cope with all of this uncertainty—I need to hear back from the colleges I applied to!
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cope with someone or something

to endure someone or something; to manage to deal with someone or something. I don't think I can cope with any more trouble. I can't cope with your being late for work anymore.
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Given the important function that secure attachment plays in coping as contended earlier, we argue that, in addition to directly impacting on how people cope with stress, secure attachment may modify the influence of sex/gender role orientation on instrumental and emotional coping.
The styles that men and women college students cope with appraised stress needs to be studied, however, for the purpose of creating interventions to ameliorate excessive stress, discourage maladaptive coping, and encourage healthy dispositions for coping with stress.
Heppner, Leong, and Gerstein (2008), for instance, emphasized that people worldwide use resources other than formal counseling to cope with stressful life events and mental health problems.
active coping, planning and seeking of social support for instrumental reasons can be used to recover from winter depressive moods.10 Problem-focused coping having applied, practical and appropriate strategies is considered a superior technique to cope with psychological problems in general and depression in particular.20
At times, self humour can be used to cope with diabetes.
We posit, therefore, that it is possible to use general coping assessment scales without missing the role that the type of situation plays in determining how people cope with stress.
Given the broad range of theoretical perspectives on how to define stress and the clinical and empirical observations about the ways individuals cope with stress, taxonomies were used to bring order and clarity to the study of coping.
(2009) also found that women patients cope with distress in more appropriate way as compared to men.
They found that, overall, individuals tend to use religion in order to cope with distress, grow, and make meaning from pain.
Individuals with lower EI are prone to poor physical and mental health and cannot cope with stressor (Batool 2011).
For some it was merely the presence of certain job characteristics, such as heavy demands, interpersonal strife, or lack of control that constituted stress, but others suggested that occupational stress was about the inability to cope with specific work factors, or the physical or psychological consequences of failing to cope (Wainwright and Calnan, 2002).
ISLAMABAD -- Offspring's of expecting mothers, who experience stress during pregnancy, can become obese, if the children cope with stress passively, a new study has suggested.
As such, researchers and scholars have suggested that examining patterns of coping styles or coping profiles, such as individuals' relative reliance on some strategies and de-emphasis on others, may be a more advantageous way of understanding the manner in which individuals cope with stress (Aldwin, 1994; Lazarus, 2000).
Identify the most frequent methods of coping used by nurses working in hemodialysis units to cope with work-related stressors as indicated by this study.
Adolescents, teachers and parents contributed their perceptions of the types of skills adolescents should learn to cope with stressors associated with an impoverished, urban context.