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Good or fine. Looks like everything here is copasetic—let's go.
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mod. agreeable; satisfactory. (Originally black. Probably from French.) Everything is copasetic. Couldn’t be better.
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everything is copacetic

Things are fine, everything is going well. The adjective copacetic, for excellent, dates from the early 1900s (the OED’s earliest citation is from 1919), but its origin has been lost.
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On the domestic front, however, things won't be nearly as copacetic. The wealthiest Americans will still earn lots of money--perhaps even more than the wealthiest Americans do now.
What is "copacetic" (a term Bill Bojangles' famously claimed to having coined) is that African-centered womanists, African womanists, and Black women who prefer no labels, are everywhere self-confident and independent of analogy in being ourselves.
The natural world, such as the eco-system of a forest, is a brilliant example of how individuals (such as the various trees, shrubs, grasses, fungi) can build a copacetic existence if the intention for that is present.
But with Israeli-Turkish relations maybe on the (slow) mend and both the Israelis and the Palestinians making refreshingly positive noises about the prospects for moving from proximity talks to direct peace negotiations, whatever topics Netanyahu and Obama needed to discuss, in "robust" fashion, in privatesettlements, Iran, nuclear non-proliferation, the World Cupwere evidently overshadowed by the importance, for both, of giving off the impression of being copacetic.
Then you have to go through the department of licensing to make sure everything is copacetic.
Square foot-simolean ratio is copacetic. No posers, no tourists.
If the band found brown M&Ms, they knew that the promoter had not taken the band's safety considerations in hand, and the band would either have to cancel the show or perform their own check on the stage setup to ensure that everything was copacetic.
Maybe a new GPS or transition to a new airplane requires some new patterns, but they are established again and everything is copacetic. And static.
Reneging on its promise not to use Hirabayashi as precedent for the next case, (31) the Korematsu Court wrote: "In the light of the principles we announced in the Hirabayashi case, we are unable to conclude that it was beyond the war power of Congress and the Executive to exclude those of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast war area at the time they did." (32) Through segmentation, the Court could flame the evacuation question as a minor extension on a case already deemed constitutionally copacetic. Indeed the precedent was so squarely on point that the Court, through double-negative circumlocutions, protested that it could not hold otherwise.
This account shows that beneath the positive reports to the public from senior Marine officers, all was not copacetic. (3) Despite the high percentage of reservists--especially noncommissioned officers and company-grade commissioned officers--with at least some World War II experience, a significant number had little or no training at all.
"Although, we have the service people come to us about every three months to put in new gaskets and to take a quick look to make sure everything is copacetic. And then we maintain it every day and every night."
With year-over-year revenues almost flat (a gain of $1.8 million on revenues of $1 billion), the Sacramento-based pure-play newspaper company needed a fourth-quarter revenue surge of four percent (to $287.9 million), to keep things copacetic.
"Things right now are not copacetic at the Providence Journal," says G.