cop onto

cop onto (something)

slang To learn or understand something. Thanks for explaining that concept to me—I think I'm copping onto it now.
See also: cop

cop onto something

Sl. to understand or become aware of something. I think I'm copping onto the significance of this at last. Try to cop onto what I'm saying, Otto.
See also: cop
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The Neomorph, in a way, is the first generation of an alien but it needs a human life form to cop onto and, if you like, mix with, copulate with.
If we don't cop onto this from a health point of view then maybe the fact of the calories might help drive the point home.
Two spare 13-round magazines on the duty belt sent the cop onto the street with 40.
Why has it taken this long to cop onto the idea that somebody should be footing the bill for all of this - namely those who are using it
I had three young kids so I thought I better cop onto myself.