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coordinate with (someone or something)

1. To arrange something with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." If you want to meet, coordinate it with my assistant—he knows my schedule better than I do.
2. To be in harmony with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." The pattern of your tie doesn't coordinate with your shirt at all—go change!
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coordinate something with something

1. to make something harmonize with something else. I want to coordinate my hat with my shoes. Is this tie coordinated with my jacket?
2. to synchronize something with something else. Let us coordinate our actions in this matter. I think we should coordinate our departure times with that of Fred.
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For example, clinical coordinators can develop one-on-one connections with nurses and find learning and development opportunities that match each nurse's unique aspirations.
The appointment of parenting coordinators has become unexceptional when parents are identified as high-conflict and have the means to pay for the service.
"The findings of this study indicate that, historically, NFL teams have been reluctant to hire a person of color for a head coach, offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator position after a person of color has previously separated from a head coach position in the NFL," the report read.
A parenting coordinator shall not intentionally or knowingly misrepresent any material fact or circumstance in the course of conducting a parenting coordination process.
The programme also creates a first step into the tennis industry for the coordinators, who have an ideal base from which to become a future part of the workforce for British Tennis.
Each recycling coordinator's job is a little different, depending on the size of the program he or she oversees.
There the woman encountered a Filipino nurse who contacted the community coordinator who helped the maid find her way to the consulate in Jeddah.
He said the committee will decide whether to allow him to stay another year or choose another general coordinator, adding that it will need to reach a final decision soon.AaAaAa
Cote and COA volunteer Connie Nedoroscik, who believes that volunteers need no oversight from a coordinator, battled it out in front of the board.
Buenos Aires coordinator: Miguel Herschberg, e-mail:
BAGHDAD / NINA / -Asia-Pacific countries elected Iraq as the group's coordinator starting from the fifth of next month to succeed Pakistan, the former group coordinator.
The delegation of Tajikistan headed by the Ambassador on Special Assignments, the National Coordinator of Tajikistan for SCO Affairs Nazirmad Alizoda attended the meeting, reported the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
LAHORE -- Emergency Services Academy (ESA) started training of 117 upgraded Rescuers from all districts of Punjab to be effective Dispatch Coordinators.
THE Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the professional licences department, has issued an updated guide for professional licence for teachers and coordinators, in addition to a number of specialised evaluation tools, including evaluation tools for early childhood coordinators, coordinators of literary and scientific sections.
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