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coordinate with (someone or something)

1. To arrange something with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." If you want to meet, coordinate it with my assistant—he knows my schedule better than I do.
2. To be in harmony with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." The pattern of your tie doesn't coordinate with your shirt at all—go change!
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coordinate something with something

1. to make something harmonize with something else. I want to coordinate my hat with my shoes. Is this tie coordinated with my jacket?
2. to synchronize something with something else. Let us coordinate our actions in this matter. I think we should coordinate our departure times with that of Fred.
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Before the reform bill got to the House, senators added amendments to it that required the coordinating board to involve colleges and universities in its decision-making processes on the front end rather than later on.
Viewing this as an attempt to curtail their autonomy, the B- schools had strongly opposed this provision, which forced the government to strip the IIM Council of most of its powers and make it a mere " coordinating body".
For the report, the center interviewed more than 50 individuals, including key staffers in the offices of several legislators, like Zaffirini and Branch, as well as high-ranking coordinating board officials and community college leaders throughout the state.
One of ARNORTH's two operational command posts joined the defense coordinating elements at March Air Reserve Base, Calif., on Oct.
In addition, risk managers need the coordinating team to keep them advised of changes in local insurance laws and practices, changes in the corporation's exposures and the business needs of local managers.
It's no mystery why many companies are intrigued with national coordinating counsel when facing threatening litigation.
In addition, the NCI intends to commit approximately $950,000 (direct and F&A costs) in fiscal year 2005 to fund 4 coordinating centers (one each in breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer).
ATLANTA-New for the summer markets from Homefires are coordinating area and accent rugs designed not with identical patterns but with coordinating designs that work to make any home decorator seem like a pro.
Any discussion of coordinating activities must begin with shared goals.
Dave Wennergren, DON CIO, was recently named Chair of the new Department of Defense (DoD) Identity Management Senior Coordinating Group (IMSCG).
The debt- relief strategy not only provided those governments with more money to spend, but also forced each one to think carefully about how to spend it, coordinating the efforts not only of various ministries, but of local NGOs and private donors, too.
Coordinating these disparate federal efforts could result in more efficient use of federal resources and in improved services for these transportation-disadvantaged populations.
Orton Park Coordinating Committee: Orton Park Coordinating Committee.
The most important proposal, recommended in another Commission report entitled Road Map for National Security, was the creation of a "National Homeland Security Agency." According to Road Map, this agency would have "the responsibility for planning, coordinating, and integrating various U.S.
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