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coordinate with (someone or something)

1. To arrange something with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." If you want to meet, coordinate it with my assistant—he knows my schedule better than I do.
2. To be in harmony with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." The pattern of your tie doesn't coordinate with your shirt at all—go change!
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coordinate something with something

1. to make something harmonize with something else. I want to coordinate my hat with my shoes. Is this tie coordinated with my jacket?
2. to synchronize something with something else. Let us coordinate our actions in this matter. I think we should coordinate our departure times with that of Fred.
See also: coordinate
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The team leader or administrator can use Google Maps Coordinate to create data fields that its employees need to fill out at every job location.
005, the convergent function is the mean-square deviation between the estimated coordinate (formula 1) and the reality coordinate of the unknown nodes, and the termination criteria is that the mean-square deviation declines.
1, based on the integrals in (4) and (5), any value of coordinate time t, 0 [less than or equal to] t [less than or equal to] []infinity, can be mapped into a corresponding value for local time [tau], 0 [less than or equal to] t [less than or equal to] [[tau].
The Mary Switzer Committee is a free standing committee, reporting directly to the Board, that plans and coordinates the annual Mary Switzer Seminar and the publication of the seminar monograph.
In the following, we develop the governing differential equations for the plane problem in X-Y coordinates shown in figure 1.
The store has dramatically expanded its coordinates section from just 8 feet three years ago, said Fyffe.
This agreement with Coordinate means that we can extend Swisscom services into the rapidly growing Chinese market.
The business in bath coordinates follows a pattern set by fashionable bedroom merchandise in the past several years.
A contractual duty to coordinate may be imposed on the owner who enters into multiple prime contracts.
Coordinate Technologies Communications Limited helps mobile data services and network operators generate revenues by enabling applications and devices to authenticate seamlessly across wireless broadband networks.
Fieldcrest Cannon is introducing a new luxury bath franchise to coordinate with its Court of Versailles bedding collection, featuring lace embellishments.
These grants will help school districts incorporate appropriate methods and procedures in their emergency response plans and will also help them better coordinate with the entire community.
As soon as the call came for federal assistance, ARNORTH answered it by sending defense coordinating elements to California and Idaho to coordinate potential Department of Defense support.
Kathi Kreklow, 599th Transportation Group commander, the DM4-S conducted mobility planning and operational activities to coordinate and synchronize the movement of U.
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