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cooperate with (someone or something)

To work together with someone or something, usually to complete a particular task or goal. Getting my toddler to cooperate with me is often an impossible task. We are in no way blaming you for what happened, but you still have to cooperate with the police investigation.
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cooperate with someone (on something)

 and cooperate (with someone) on something
to work together in harmony with someone on something. Please cooperate with me on this project. Can you cooperate on this with me? I hope we can cooperate on this.
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The fall Cooperator Expo New York, provides an opportunity to get caught up with the latest products and services for all property needs.
The program will provide cooperators with training, seminar and technical support from agricultural technicians and experts.
The only difference between a gaming promoter and a cooperator is the source of their commission.
Whereas the prosecutor often may choose her cooperator from a group of
Consideration should therefore be given to using a cooperator later in the prosecution as a gang expert.
The payoff to each participant depends on his choice, and on the distribution of other players among cooperators and defectors.
Once the data is summarized, each cooperator will be mailed an annual report and their original grouse hunting log.
But if one cooperates and the other squeals, the cooperator will land a 10-year sentence, while the squealer will get off with only 6 months in jail.
Widrlechner coordinates the cooperator network, guided by a committee of representatives from the participating state agricultural experiment stations.
2003 Wildlife Stewardship Industry Cooperator Award to Mark Johns, wildlife biologist at the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and coordinator for North Carolina Partners in Flight.
The cooperator does not intend the evil himself but clearly realizes that his cooperation will help to produce the evil, which would not occur otherwise in that hospital.
I'm meeting with the ranger on Monday," says Jennifer Frongillo, a Global ReLeaf cooperator in Winchester, Massachusetts, and leader of a Girl Scout troop.
Henry Robbins, executive vice president of The Cooperator and producer of the Expo, said, "It's an excellent opportunity for managers and board members to meet face-to-face with professionals in the industry, and to expand their own knowledge and resources.
Tenders are invited for "Repair of the yard area of the sanatorium" cooperator "located at the address: Minsk region, Minsk district, Ostroshitsky-Gorodok s / s"
Matt Kovner, co-founder of The Cooperator told attended that by taking the time to learn more about new solutions to many of the issues they face, the owners are protecting their bottom line and improving their buildings.