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cooperate with (someone or something)

To work together with someone or something, usually to complete a particular task or goal. Getting my toddler to cooperate with me is often an impossible task. We are in no way blaming you for what happened, but you still have to cooperate with the police investigation.
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cooperate with someone (on something)

 and cooperate (with someone) on something
to work together in harmony with someone on something. Please cooperate with me on this project. Can you cooperate on this with me? I hope we can cooperate on this.
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Education Is Everything Exhibitor booths, information, and demos are the heart of The Cooperator Expo, but they certainly won't be the end of the story at Javits next month.
Condition (3b) indicates that the more averse to disadvantageous inequality is the cooperator (the higher her [[alpha].sub.i]), the more others she believes to have chosen to cooperate (the higher her [a.sub.i]), and the lower is the reporting cost [rho], the more likely she is to report a defector.
We assume that cooperators and defectors interact at various scales, and the size of those engagements follows a power law distribution.
The program will provide cooperators with training, seminar and technical support from agricultural technicians and experts.
Another group of people in the VIP rooms, the cooperators or customer representatives of a contractor, do essentially the same work as that of a VIP-room contractor.
In order to characterize the macroscopic behaviors of the system, we introduce a parameter [[rho].sub.c](t) to represent the fraction of cooperators at a given time as follows:
with a cooperator who can implicate one or two of her cocaine suppliers.
Non-prosecution Agreements - Formal written agreements, entered into under limited and appropriate circumstances, in which the Commission agrees not to pursue an enforcement action against a cooperator if the individual or company agrees, among other things, to cooperate fully and truthfully and comply with express undertakings.
Consideration should therefore be given to using a cooperator later in the prosecution as a gang expert.
* The Industry Cooperator Award was given to the Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) for its contribution to the Swallow-tailed Kite Project.
Colorado belongs to the cooperator called Western United States Agricultural Trade Association, which splits an annual $6.15 million matching funds purse for generic and branded marketing programs.
On the other hand, the multiperson Prisoners' Dilemma game can be characterized by two payoff functions that specify the reward/ penalty for a cooperator and a defector, respectively, as functions of the ratio of cooperators to the total number of participants.
The newly approved project will prepare the cooperators and their farms in developing an eco-friendly and climate resilient environment while reducing synthetic fertilizer use and pesticide applications.
Meanwhile in another match of the event organised by KCCA Zone-II club Mansoora Sports, Good Luck CC defeated Young Cooperators CC by 28 runs at the Dawood Ground.
GOOD LUCK CC 196 in 32.2 overs (Visal Ahmed 45, Bakht Sher 39, Umar Bahadur 27, Danish Alam 25, Abdul Rehman 21; Tariq Ahmed 3-40, Mohibullah 2-28, Asad Hussain 2-37); YOUNG COOPERATORS CC 168 in 29.5 overs (Mohibullah 80, Fareedullah 35; Zakaullah 4-24, Umar Bahadur 3-31).