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Units delivering 5,000 to 6,000 BTUs(British thermal units) per hour can cool a small bedroom or study, according to Consumer Reports.
In theory, they can cool down to liquid-nitrogen temperatures or chill a room by a few degrees.
Heat required to raise W lb of water/minute from 70F to 212F) + (heat required to vaporize W lb of water/minute) = (heat required to cool one ton of sand/minute from 302F (150C) to 212F (100C)
In modern humans under conditions of heat stress, the flow of conditions of heat stress, the flow of relatively cool venous blood through the two emissary veins charted by Falk in fossil crania actually reverses direction, going back into the brain, according to several recent studies directed by physiologists Michel Cabanac of Laval (Quebec) University and Heiner Brinnel of Hopital-Maternite in L'Arbresle, France.
Without the ability to cool today's and tomorrow's high-performance chips, the end-user applications will be greatly restricted," said Ronen Meir, Active Cool Founder CTO and Director.
A new computer modeling of the upper atmosphere shows that the thin air high above the planet's surface should cool substantially -- an effect that may help some satellites stay in orbit longer.
But, many motorists might be surprised to learn that oil also plays an important role in keeping their vehicle cool.
the Compressed Air Cooling (CAC) system uses the blowing operation to cool the part internally through a continuous exchange of chilled and heated air.
As the molten iron cools, excess carbon participates out in the form of graphite.
Thus, the electrical load required to cool the space is lowered significantly.
Other R&D at GE and elsewhere focuses on understanding little-known contributors to wasted cycle-time - such as heat-transfer problems caused by the air gap between tool and part as the plastic cools and shrinks.
The inner portion of the part cools more slowly and thus undergoes greater crystallization and greater shrinkage.
Water used to cool the pump jacket also cools the oil itself and the reservoir.