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16.2M * PHOTO ESSAYS AWARD OF MERIT Entry: Coolness Under Fire Winner: Terry Lowenthal Bechtel Group, Inc.
New Delhi [India], Jan 16 ( ANI ): Actor Ranveer Singh on Wednesday posted a picture with the original 'Gully Boy' Naved Shaikh aka Naezy and has officially raised the coolness quotient up by a notch.
The Mint Chocolate Chip combines the coolness of mint with chocolate chips.
In a further effort to make coolness a liability, the conservative group American Crossroads released a Web video that shows the president sporting shades and dancing with Ellen DeGeneres.
These stand against three different backgrounds--yellow, cyan, and magenta--which imbue the images with a glamour that contrasts with the silent coolness of the objects.
But I am starting to wonder whether I might be able to at least acquire passive coolness by standing next to some smokers and breathing in their second-hand smoke.
But for the most part, van Manen strips away ornamentation, creating a sense of spareness and coolness. The work unfolds in a deliberate, almost geometric fashion, with the choreographer articulating each individual movement.
Her laid-back grooves and smooth vocal style invite you to sit back, close your eyes, tap your foot, and drink in the coolness.
Some users really like the coolness of being seen wearing an iPod.'
When they received their awards from Michael Hurdle, the High Sheriff of Staffordshire, Judge John Shand told them: 'You both showed great courage and coolness.' Earlier this year, David McAffrey (27), of no fixed address, was jailed for eight years for burglary and assault.
This was always supposed to indicate diffident coolness, but I believed it showed a psychological distancing, as though the owners didn't have the confidence to call whatever they were doing by some proud name, like, say, the owners of the National Biscuit Company once did.
And he insisted that his daughter Stella gets on fine with his bride-to-be, Heather Mills despite rumours of a coolness.
Outside again, under the heat and intense light, the shade and coolness of the modern cave of mysteries becomes a memory.
Bill Russell, perhaps the greatest defensive player of all time, bristles at the thought that his superlative ability to physically and mentally intimidate his opponents and maintain his coolness and concentration despite distractions, were innate.