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Seiden thus locates Roman coolness not only in the notion of resignation in the face of death but also traces such attitudes to "a discourse of frigiditas" (p.
However, any change to the product's subculture appeal, attractiveness or originality will affect the product's overall coolness, according to the researchers, who report their findings in the current issue of the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.
Handsome cool David Beckham Old Goldenballs is in a coolness class all of his own.
The coolness of risky behaviors--smoking and drinking--tended to increase as the students got older, and peaked among 17-year-olds.
Come to think of it, coolness is a pretty powerful motivator for many of us with less impressionable minds.
Coolness, like style, grace and elegance - they all fall under the same umbrella of effortlessness - cannot be bought.
Meanwhile, when green and yellow are intensified, the face gives an impression of coolness.
If the secret to true coolness is not caring what anyone else thinks, Toronto denizen Owen Pallett--a.
He says the program is successful because it makes children see reading and schoolwork as a healthy competition instead of a chore, and the association with college basketball gives it a coolness factor.
He drew a highly-charged, affectionate reading of this lovely score from an on-form BBC Philharmonic, far removed from the customary coolness to which many interpreters condemn this subtle composer.
Hunter Braque is a Trendsetter - he is paid to spot coolness and to report back to "the client," who will market that coolness to Consumers.
Keep the pads in the fridge for extreme icy coolness
Previous studies showed that thermoTRPs respond to several naturally occurring flavor chemicals, such as capsaicin in hot peppers and menthol, which gives peppermint its coolness.
The precedent research indicated that most homes have a fountain in the interior courtyard and that lead HDG to use the same strategy to transfer the coolness of the water into the air to increase thermal comfort.
Mossy Oak Apparel's new Diffusion line embraces the 3-D concept and adds high-tech touches such as VaporTec panels with a mesh fabric for coolness and comfort.