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1. interjection, slang Used to express that something is acceptable or satisfactory. A: "I'll give you a call in the morning." B: "Cool." A: "Do you want to have pizza for dinner tonight?" B: "Yeah, cool."
2. adjective, slang Sophisticated, fashionable, or knowledgeable of the latest trends. I never hung out with any of the so-called "cool kids" in school. I had way more in common with the kids in band and computer club. Ugh, I hate it when my parents try to act all cool. Like, you're not teenagers—stop pretending to be! We dated for a while, but I always felt like she was way too cool for me.
3. adjective, informal Calm, composed, or unflustered. You've got to stay cool when the boss comes in. Don't let him see that anything is wrong! She was so cool when she made the request that I didn't think anything of it at the time.
4. adjective, slang Very exciting or interesting. Hollywood has always made guns seem cool. A: "I just booked a flight to Paris!" B: "Wow, that's so cool! When are you going?" It was pretty cool getting to see New York City from the inside of a helicopter.
5. adjective, slang Not a problem. A: "I'm sorry for what I said earlier." B: "It's cool, man. Don't worry about it."
6. adjective, slang Unqualified or unexaggerated. I made a cool two million playing the stock markets last year.
7. noun, informal A calm composure or temper. I tried to keep my cool when the famous actor came into my store. He really lost his cool when the waiter dropped his food.
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1. mod. unabashed; unruffled; relaxed. (see also keep one’s cool, lose one’s cool.) She is totally cool and easygoing.
2. mod. good; excellent. This is a really cool setup!
3. mod. [of music] mellow; smooth. This stuff is so cool, I’m just floating.
4. mod. no less than [some amount of money]. She cleared a cool forty thousand on the Wilson deal.
5. in. to die; to become cold after death. (Medical euphemism.) We were afraid that he would cool.


n. jail. (Usually with the.) Do you want to talk, or do you want to spend a little time in the cooler?
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Stylish, fashionable, clever. This slangy term expressing admiration dates from the early 1900s as an adjective and was popularized by black jazz musicians from the late 1940s. As an interjection it was then taken up by teenagers and then by the general population. Describing the plan for an assassination, a character in James Patterson’s London Bridges (2004) exclaimed, “Not only is this smart, it is cool as hell.”
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But visitors Baildon then turned defence into attack and won a penalty on 40 minutes after a foul by Gareth O'Reilly from which North coolly placed the resulting penalty past keeper Tim Stephenson.
She jumps--not quite flying, not quite falling--while coolly preparing her equipment for a political assassination.
Tony James was penalised for pushing skipper Ray Warburton and Roscoe D'Sane coolly struck home from the spot.
According to accepted scientific standards even such an emphatically pretentious topic may be treated in a coolly systematical, analytical way, in a kind of anatomy of divine inspiration.
"We started playing shows at the end of December," says a coolly reserved Ryan Frederiksen, the man behind the axe.
He was tenacious--hopping, rotating, plunging--in the circles of Solo, choreographed by Victoria Marks, and sometimes coolly contemplative in Dana Caspersen's Solo for One Man.
The book's overall tone is realistic and occasionally iconoclastic, not an antiwar screed, but a coolly objective look at themes long thought sacred.
ITEM: The Associated Press on December 28th reported that China "reacted coolly to the end of American policy linking its trade status to human rights, saying President Bush only did 'what he ought to have done.'"
Rubin's determination to coolly assess options and the likelihood of various outcomes sounds pretty elementary.
The article was coolly low-key for such terrific news.
The emergence of the Internet Shopping Network is a symbol of how coolly calculating heads are prevailing over gushy platitudes about democratic discourse in cyberspace.
Our first goal was scored by George Parkinson with a coolly converted penalty and he scored the second with a fantastic left foot volley into the roof of the net.
The big striker strode away to coolly beat keeper Chris Kirkland from Kolo Toure's long through ball with just a couple of minutes left, but Latics felt sub Cesc Fabregas had fouled Henri Camara to rob him of the ball at the stgart of the move.
After a goalless first half, the game burst into life when Barnsley won a penalty that Paul Hayes coolly slotted home.
The mini-Duponts are threatening because they convey a sense of information being used against us--not a new concern, certainly, but one given coolly effective shape here.