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The home team's pressure paid off when Darren Gribben's shot struck an arm in the box and Callaghan coolly converted the penalty.
The mini-Duponts are threatening because they convey a sense of information being used against us--not a new concern, certainly, but one given coolly effective shape here.
There's the requisite cool-headed voice-over comparing mob culture to any other capitalistic enterprise (``I'm not a gangster, I'm a businessman,'' Craig coolly announces) and the brutal violence set to catchy pop tunes.
On-loan forward Ross Stephens opened up the Wolves defence and midfielder Hollis netted coolly.
And Knowles awarded the last-gasp penalty for offside which Neil Walker coolly converted to clinch YMCA's 13-10 victory over Ilkley.
Tony James was penalised for pushing skipper Ray Warburton and Roscoe D'Sane coolly struck home from the spot.
A strike from Josh Blake just before the hour mark, the striker coolly sliding the ball past the keeper from Vernor Sleem's through pass, was enough to secure victory and keep Brakes two points clear of Romulus.
However chapters dedicated to the Kingo and Fredensborg courtyard houses north of Copenhagen, to the coolly emotional Bagsverd church, to the not fully convincing Kuwaiti National Assembly, and then -- with powerful phenomenological description -- to Utzon's two late villas on Mallorca, present a life's work of singular achievement.
Fallen's last image is coolly analytical in the way it presents perspectives on falling; one body is suspended in midair, another you watch birdlike from the top (tied to ropes, a dancer walks across the back wall), and the third one is a nude woman standing on her head, who has hit the ground.
Suspect profiles indicate the assailant in each crime coolly killed after seeing two women comfortably and affectionately in love with each other.
DRUMBO II belied their early season form to take the lead after 19 minutes, when Phil McCready found himself alone in the penalty area with time to coolly slot the ball past Campbell McCready.
Our first goal was scored by George Parkinson with a coolly converted penalty and he scored the second with a fantastic left foot volley into the roof of the net.
But Maresca rescued a drawfor Sevilla when he coolly slotted home from the spot in the 88thminute after he had been felled by Olexiy Gay.
Brighton substitute Tommy Fraser received a straight red card for a foul on goalkeeper Adriano Basso, before Jevons sealed the victory by coolly stroking in a penalty for his 15th goal of the season after Dean Hammond had brought down Wilson.