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1. interjection, slang Used to express that something is acceptable or satisfactory. A: "I'll give you a call in the morning." B: "Cool." A: "Do you want to have pizza for dinner tonight?" B: "Yeah, cool."
2. adjective, slang Sophisticated, fashionable, or knowledgeable of the latest trends. I never hung out with any of the so-called "cool kids" in school. I had way more in common with the kids in band and computer club. Ugh, I hate it when my parents try to act all cool. Like, you're not teenagers—stop pretending to be! We dated for a while, but I always felt like she was way too cool for me.
3. adjective, informal Calm, composed, or unflustered. You've got to stay cool when the boss comes in. Don't let him see that anything is wrong! She was so cool when she made the request that I didn't think anything of it at the time.
4. adjective, slang Very exciting or interesting. Hollywood has always made guns seem cool. A: "I just booked a flight to Paris!" B: "Wow, that's so cool! When are you going?" It was pretty cool getting to see New York City from the inside of a helicopter.
5. adjective, slang Not a problem. A: "I'm sorry for what I said earlier." B: "It's cool, man. Don't worry about it."
6. adjective, slang Unqualified or unexaggerated. I made a cool two million playing the stock markets last year.
7. noun, informal A calm composure or temper. I tried to keep my cool when the famous actor came into my store. He really lost his cool when the waiter dropped his food.
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1. mod. unabashed; unruffled; relaxed. (see also keep one’s cool, lose one’s cool.) She is totally cool and easygoing.
2. mod. good; excellent. This is a really cool setup!
3. mod. [of music] mellow; smooth. This stuff is so cool, I’m just floating.
4. mod. no less than [some amount of money]. She cleared a cool forty thousand on the Wilson deal.
5. in. to die; to become cold after death. (Medical euphemism.) We were afraid that he would cool.


n. jail. (Usually with the.) Do you want to talk, or do you want to spend a little time in the cooler?
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Stylish, fashionable, clever. This slangy term expressing admiration dates from the early 1900s as an adjective and was popularized by black jazz musicians from the late 1940s. As an interjection it was then taken up by teenagers and then by the general population. Describing the plan for an assassination, a character in James Patterson’s London Bridges (2004) exclaimed, “Not only is this smart, it is cool as hell.”
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"Normally, my cats are here, too," Matthews said as she and her husband and kids relaxed around a smoky camp fire in the coolish riverside shade on Sunday afternoon.
Scalloping's a great way to entertain the entire family, and a way to stay in the coolish Gulf waters for hours at a time.
"There is a suggestion that there could be an appreciable amount of rain on Thursday, when it gets milder, and that it could get coolish on Friday night.
The overall winner for the sixth successive year was the current senior national champion Jim Henderson, from Southport CC, who was not daunted by a coolish headwind and a breaking road surface and clocked 4-20.3.
The other creature is the orangy, small tortoiseshell butterfly, which also hibernates in coolish places and wakes up if it becomes too warm .
Cooper said: 'There is no rain around and tonight will be coolish.'
It wasn't particularly tough for Runyan to reach the final, as she won her semifinal heat in 15:36.75 on a coolish, windy evening.
Yesterday thermometers were soaring past the 20C mark though there might have been a coolish breeze on the coast.
"That's not the highest of the summer but it's definitely the highest for September which has been a coolish month.
According to Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council: "Your ideal bedroom temperature should be coolish. Eighteen to 21C is the recommended range."
BY keeping it coolish when possible, and keeping that reservoir topped up, you should minimise needle drop.
STANDING the tree in a coolish spot and keeping the water topped-up, should minimise needle drop.