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Tom was packed in ten minutes, all except what his aunt and Mary would finish up for him; then we waited ten more for her to get cooled down and sweet and gentle again; for Tom said it took her ten minutes to unruffle in times when half of her feathers was up, but twenty when they was all up, and this was one of the times when they was all up.
"After the excitement cooled down I watched my chance and bent over and smelled Wallace's head.
But his temper cooled down, like his friend's; he not only gets used to his captivity, but jokes about it."
But, fortunately, his comrade with the straw on his back had entered behind him, and when the door was shut upon them he scattered the straw about, and suddenly the red-hot walls cooled down, and it became so very cold that the Simpleton could scarcely bear to take a bath, and all the water in the room froze.
But I noticed that when his imagination cooled down he became Miserrimus Dexter again--he no more believed himself than we believed him to be Napoleon or Shakespeare.
What if she laid the letter-case on the table again, and waited until her excitement had all cooled down, and then put the contemplated project soberly on its trial before her own sense of right and wrong?
At these words Zobeida's anger cooled down, and she turned to her slaves and said, "You can give them a little more liberty, but do not leave the hall.
"After a few months, when he is cooled down, if you want to, you can get the job of drivin' delivery-wagon for him.
All this time, his mind was never off the rack, and his raging sense of having been made to fling himself across the chasm which divided those two, and bridge it over for their coming together, never cooled down. This horrible condition brought on other fits.
But I lay snug as a bug under a couple of feet of tender coal, and they thought I'd headed for tall timber--lay there a day and a night till the excitement cooled down. Yes, I was lucky.
Inflation cools down in December !-- -- ( - January 4, 2019 - 9:12am MANILA, Philippines Soaring prices in the Philippines cooled down for a second consecutive month in December, the country's statistics agency reported Friday, driven by lower food prices and transport costs during the month.
The CPI-based retail inflation cooled down to 4.28 percent in March on annual basis, as compared to 5.07 percent in the preceding month.
Radiation on the mountain tops cooled down greatly last night, hastened by mountain winds catching hold of water vapor, reports UDN.
Steam generator (SG) still remains with high temperature level after emergency shutdown, and it needs to be cooled down to a certain temperature level before the reactor restarts with faults clearing.
He said: "Once you are pronounced dead, you are then cooled down externally in an ice box and then your blood supply is cooled down.