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Shakeout--The cooled mold is transferred to the shakeout platform, where the broken mold and castings are pushed off onto the shakeout screen.
The researchers found that 21 of 43 cooled patients (49 percent) were ultimately discharged to their homes or a rehabilitation center, compared with only 9 of 34 patients (26 percent) kept warm.
The masterbatch passes from the primary mixer into the tandem mixer below, where it is cooled and finish-mixed while the next masterbatch is being prepared in the upper mixer.
Typically, plastic materials are injected hot into the mold where they are cooled or "frozen" into the cavity.
but Shull believes that, at least in theory, magnetically cooled ice cream "is possible."
On CLIMAP, Guilderson contends that the older study may have missed changes in the tropics because two of the dominant plankton species in the region can withstand big temperature changes and could have continued to inhabit the tropics even if the ocean cooled significantly.
They will unerringly follow an isotherm of thermal balance between the electromagnetic flux/channel on one side and the cooled case or bushing on the other.
He says most cerebral-temperature regulation takes place in the cavernous sinus just below the brain, where arteries with warm blood come in contact with veins containing blood cooled by evaporation from nasal mucus and facial sweat.
In addition, the sand will be cooled by radiation losses and conduction to the steel structure that houses the sand cooling system.
But such theories contain a major flaw: Gravity would quickly cause much of the cooled, denser coronal gas to fall to the solar surface, and the small amount of material left behind in the corona would be insufficient to create the massive prominences observed.
As a molten metal is cooled to its freezing temperature, solidification begins in the region of lowest temperature.
But depending on how those hard-boiled eggs were cooled, their unrefrigerated storage may pose a risk of botulism, according to researchers with the National Food Processors Association (NFPA) in Washington, D.C.
The sand is cooled from its 1400-1600F temperature range down to ambient [+ or -] 20F by cascading the sand through a slow-moving stream of ambient air together with direct heat transfer into a relatively cool drum.
The wedge test uses a specifically dimensioned wedge that is cast in a core mold, cooled and then broken.
Moisture addition can be accomplished by utilizing a programmable controlled system that meters water additions by sensing the rate of sand flow, and using a belt weigh scale and infrared temperature sensing devices before water additions are made and after the sand has been cooled through the cooler.