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1. interjection, slang Used to express that something is acceptable or satisfactory. A: "I'll give you a call in the morning." B: "Cool." A: "Do you want to have pizza for dinner tonight?" B: "Yeah, cool."
2. adjective, slang Sophisticated, fashionable, or knowledgeable of the latest trends. I never hung out with any of the so-called "cool kids" in school. I had way more in common with the kids in band and computer club. Ugh, I hate it when my parents try to act all cool. Like, you're not teenagers—stop pretending to be! We dated for a while, but I always felt like she was way too cool for me.
3. adjective, informal Calm, composed, or unflustered. You've got to stay cool when the boss comes in. Don't let him see that anything is wrong! She was so cool when she made the request that I didn't think anything of it at the time.
4. adjective, slang Very exciting or interesting. Hollywood has always made guns seem cool. A: "I just booked a flight to Paris!" B: "Wow, that's so cool! When are you going?" It was pretty cool getting to see New York City from the inside of a helicopter.
5. adjective, slang Not a problem. A: "I'm sorry for what I said earlier." B: "It's cool, man. Don't worry about it."
6. adjective, slang Unqualified or unexaggerated. I made a cool two million playing the stock markets last year.
7. noun, informal A calm composure or temper. I tried to keep my cool when the famous actor came into my store. He really lost his cool when the waiter dropped his food.
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1. mod. unabashed; unruffled; relaxed. (see also keep one’s cool, lose one’s cool.) She is totally cool and easygoing.
2. mod. good; excellent. This is a really cool setup!
3. mod. [of music] mellow; smooth. This stuff is so cool, I’m just floating.
4. mod. no less than [some amount of money]. She cleared a cool forty thousand on the Wilson deal.
5. in. to die; to become cold after death. (Medical euphemism.) We were afraid that he would cool.


n. jail. (Usually with the.) Do you want to talk, or do you want to spend a little time in the cooler?
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Stylish, fashionable, clever. This slangy term expressing admiration dates from the early 1900s as an adjective and was popularized by black jazz musicians from the late 1940s. As an interjection it was then taken up by teenagers and then by the general population. Describing the plan for an assassination, a character in James Patterson’s London Bridges (2004) exclaimed, “Not only is this smart, it is cool as hell.”
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Very small induction furnaces used in labs or for melting small quantities of precious metals may be cooled by direct connection to an incoming city water line and use a city drain for the outflow.
Handsome cool David Beckham Old Goldenballs is in a coolness class all of his own.
"The cooling tower was a straight splash bar design," continues Niemeyer, "and because the tower would fill with all the heavy junk that collected as the dirty water was cooled, the grid and fill within the tower eventually collapsed."
While there is certainly experience and dominance in the heated seat arena, Brand thinks that the Next Big Thing for automotive interiors will be what he calls the "climatized seat." Some people might simply describe this as being the "cooled seat." In the case of what W.E.T.
To bring the microcalorimeter into a semiconductor manufacturing environment where the use of liquid cryogens is discouraged, CSP developed the pulse tube cooling system, a mechanically cooled device that will generate temperatures to <4 K without the use of cryogens.
In hot weather the heat pump is used to cool the building with the waste heat being rejected into the piles, If the piles are being overcharged with heat over a daily, weekly or monthly period, the coils on the roof are not used to gather heat in the day but to reject it at night.
Heat stroke, when the heat overwhelms your ability to keep cool, follows.
AMERICAN FORESTS developed Cool Communities in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S.
BUTT-HEAD: Uhhh, well, if nothing sucked, and everything was cool all the time, then, like, how would you know it was cool?
(As the curtain rises, Bebop, Cool, Bigger, and Trick are on the stand playing an updated version of "Parker's Mood." Bebop sings these revised lyrics.)
[USPRwire, Fri Dec 21 2018] Revenues of the cool roof coating market will remain clustered among Tier 2 players, who currently account for over 50% of overall cool roof coating sales worldwide.
Water-side free cooling, which uses cooling tower water to cool the load without operating the compressor of the chillers when the ambient wet-bulb temperature is sufficiently low, does not have these limitations but does require special considerations to avoid the tower freezing during winter operation.
The cool air is produced by utilising a fan to push air through saturated pads to reduce the temperature.
And heyyyyyyyy, as that cool Happy Days dude The Fonz would say, we nailed their coolness rating.