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MTV is positioning itself as the Cool Channel on the still hot tarmac of the Info Supersuckway.
The Cool Communities program is an easy, effective, and low-cost way to cut back on our energy consumption," Cool Communities Director Guy Betten explains.
When Cool moved to Southern California 12 years ago, after earning a computer studies degree from Ohio State, his dream was to learn to surf.
An influx of unsaturated air capable of absorbing moisture is required for a sand cooling system to effectively cool sand using evaporation.
NavGate's CEO, Robert Pearson, explains, "We have developed COOL because just finding the information people need can be an overwhelming task.
The company is exploring new infiltration materials for SLS, including beryllium-copper, Ampco 940 nickel-silicon-chromium-copper alloy, tungsten carbide and aluminum, and silicon-bronze, which reportedly can make tools that will cool up to 40% faster than conventional molds.
There are archives of cool sites, a list of Web events - updated daily, of course - and a list of serious tips on how to make your own site look good.
12 Nature, may someday offer computer makers a simple way to cool their machines' hardware, making possible faster and more powerful circuitry for computing and communicating.
Much of today's cool came from one man - one moody boy, really: James Dean.
Garrett's efforts to cool gases with sound began at Los Alamos (N.
The news was mostly in components that are more compact, more durable, less prone to leaking or corrosion, and able to heat or cool your molds with less energy.
Provided that the sample is allowed to cool below the eutectoid transformation point [[less than]1292F (700C)], the system can also predict pearlite and Brinell hardness.
Campbell and McAndrews mimicked the Little Ice Age by gradually lowering the man annual temperature in southern Ontario by 2 [degrees] CC over the 650-year cool span.
The function of the lower tandem mixer is to accept the hot batch and to cool it prior to addition and incorporation and dispersion of the curatives.
While other programs serve primarily as a simple referral network consisting of a list of confusing Web addresses and phone numbers, COOL provides a proactive and interactive care planning tool with a nationwide care resource knowledgebase containing millions of records.