cook to perfection

cook (something) to perfection

To cook something to an ideal state. Wow, this is delicious—you really cooked this chicken to perfection!
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cook something to perfection

to cook something perfectly. John cooked my steak to perfection. The entire dinner was cooked to perfection!
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Packed with flavour and guaranteed to cook to perfection, choose from dishes including beef fillet with horseradish and barley stuffing, slow-cooked lamb and coconut curry with yoghurt raita, or Indian style prawn curry--perfect for easy entertaining.
All the time you are digging into these starter delights the Viking fire is doing its job sending tantalising aromas as the main courses cook to perfection. And perfection was the aim of the Vikings as smoke from the fire would carry them up to Valhalla and the afterlife.
The prize package includes a Weber Genesis E310 gas barbecue designed to cook to perfection, a protective cover and a stylish three-piece stainless steel tool set to help show off your cooking skills - valued at pounds 1000 this is a prize not to be missed.